Lee Rigby – Coach to London for Sentencing Day

Sat, 14/12/2013 - 19:00
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By the North West Activist’s Team

Book your ticket on the next coach to London on ‘Sentencing Day’; we may only get 24 hours notice of the date of this trip, so if you want to be there with us, get in quick and reserve your seat.

We had a marvellous turnout last week and a fantastic coach, and we are anticipating a better turnout for the next trip; therefore, to ensure that we get a commitment from people who will definitely turn up on the day, we’re asking for a deposit of five pounds (£5) to be sent to HQ immediately, to reserve your seat.

See details below.

Please do NOT book a seat unless you are sure you will come along, otherwise you would be stopping someone else from booking a seat.

You will be aware that the ALLEGED murderers of Royal Fusilier, Lee Rigby, are currently on trial at the Old Bailey. As you will know, we are obliged to use the word ‘alleged’ for legal reasons, which is remarkable considering that the perpetrators of Lee Rigby’s horrific murder were seen live on TV, with his blood on their hands.

Whilst they told the world of what they had just done, young Lee lay dying in the road.

Believe it or not, those scumbags have pleaded NOT GUILTY! So, millions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money will be spent on expensive lawyers, in a disgusting attempt to let those two African Muslim nutters walk free.

Meanwhile, the government is doing its best to keep this news from YOU, by placing a ‘D Notice’ on media reports of the trial. This means that the media is NOT ALLOWED TO REPORT ON IT. 

The trial has now been going on for a week, yet NOT ONE British news agency has reported on it, other than a brief mention in a couple of papers last Monday, saying that the trial had begun.

In fact, the only people reporting on this are the British National Party and some other patriotic groups, such as the British Veterans Group (BVG), the North West Infidels (NWI) and some EDL people. Also, American television is broadcasting more information about this trial than any British media group!

This news blackout, of the most heinous murder of a serving British soldier, on home soil in ‘peace time’ is a clear indication that we are now living in a totalitarian country, where our biggest enemies are our own government and the other Members of Parliament.

What logical reason can THEY have for gagging news of this court hearing?  

To keep YOU like mushrooms - in the dark and fed on crap!

Such is the level of disrespect THEY have for the people of Britain, and they have far more respect for hateful immigrants, than they do for their fellow Britons!

The truth is that THEY are terrified that the general public might all decide to descend upon London and if that happened, the court would be obliged to take notice of the views of the general public, and pronounce the appropriate sentence upon the perpetrators.

So we intend to make a huge amount of noise outside the court on ‘Sentencing Day’ at the end of the Trial.

If you would like to stand with us, please contact our head office urgently to book your seat.

Phone us, on; 0844 809 4581, or write to us, at; PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 7AL; alternatively, you can contact David on 07917 272952, Dawn on 07788 958066 or Mike on 07598 744665.

If you are one of the many people who said they wished they had been there with us last week, then this is your chance to show that you care about our soldiers and our country.

If you decide to remain in the warmth of your living room then don’t complain if things get worse and we end up living under the Muslim Shariah sword.

If you’d like to come with us, don’t do it for yourself, don’t do it for us; do it for your children and grandchildren, who are relying upon YOU to leave the country in a good condition for them to inherit!





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