Labour steal more BNP housing policies

Wed, 19/09/2012 - 16:15
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Industry experts praise our "good take" on housing. If you want to know what Labour's housing policy will look like in 18 months' time, just look at what the British National Party is saying today!

Despite receiving £Millions of taxpayers' money every year in state grants to its research departments, the Labour party has clearly decided it doesn't need to do its own research.

Instead, they just steal policies shamelessly from the British National Party!

Labour's blatant serial policy theft is highlighted on the front page of the new issue of Freedom, which will hit subscribers' doormats shortly.

But even in the few days since the latest edition went to press, Labour have been caught with their thieving fingers in our policy till yet again!

The latest Labour bigwig to pay us the back-handed compliment of stealing our proposals is Lord Whitty.

In fact, since Lord Whitty is merely the spokesman for an entire parliamentary cross party inquiry, the full truth is that the whole political Establishment is in on the act and receiving stolen intellectual goods!

According to Housing Voice, the Inquiry team is calling for £5 Billion of Quantitative Easing money to be used to build homes across England, with a £3 Billion increase in funding for social housing.

The panel of MPs took over a year to produce its report, entitled 'To have or have not?' They held regional meetings, studied written submissions and conducted a public survey of more than 3,000 people.

As a result, the Establishment parties have at last realised just how serious the problem really is for huge numbers of ordinary families:
"The evidence we have received demonstrates that the housing market is breaking down," writes Lord Whitty in the report. "There is serious dysfunction in all regions and all parts of the housing market.

This reflects the failure of successive governments to deliver sufficient new housing - housing starts remain at their lowest peacetime level."

In other words: They're all the same, they're all to blame!
But, at long last, they're listening to the public to learn what the real problems are.

Even, better, they're coming to us for the answers! Here's the proof - compare Lord Whitty´s proposal, above, with what we said in Section 2 of our in-depth Housing Policy document, published on this site back in April:
2) Build houses, not bankers' profits
Britain needs a radical switch to the constructive the use of Quantitative Easing money.

The Bank of England is continuing to create hundreds of £Billions in new credit, and there are sound reasons for doing so in order to avoid a deflationary spiral.

But instead of virtually giving it to the banks to repair the damage inflicted on their balance sheets by their own folly, QE money should be used to fund a massive programme of public works, including building social housing.

Instead of buying toxic assets and enriching assorted financial parasites, this newly created credit should be used to build real national assets.

Every new home, after all, produces regular rental return, which can in turn be used to finance further real asset creation.
We therefore propose the use of QE money to provide low interest loans to Housing Associations and local government to build well designed homes to Parker Morris standards.

In a separate but related development, at this year's annual conference of the House Builders' Federation, held a few days ago in Newport Pagnell, it was acknowledged by a leading private developer that "the BNP has a good take on Housing and the application of economics".

This recognition is a good example of the hidden reach of this website. It is also especially welcome in view of the fact that we work out our policies without getting a penny from the long-suffering taxpayer.

It's a shame the same can't be said about the shameless crooks in Lab-Lib-and-Con party!

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