The Labour Party; The Party of the People, Just Not Ours (Part 3)

Sat, 27/04/2013 - 19:00
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From Frustrated-

In part two, I referred to the scandalous revelation of Andrew Neather about the last Labour Government’s deliberate secret plan to throw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country.

I also referred to an article by Barbara Roche, Tony Blair’s Asylum and Immigration Minister, (The Independent 19th January) that appears to substantiate Neather’s revelation.

As yet the Crown Prosecution Service has not moved to prosecute former Labour ministers who conspired to commit the crime of high treason against the English people.

As yet no BBC Panorama programme exposing the mass immigration plotters such as Jack Straw and Barbara Roche has been televised.

This is in stark contrast to the relentless way in which the CPS and BBC targeted Nick Griffin when he exposed the Widespread Pakistani grooming scandal of poor working class English schoolgirls.

Left wingers in the CPS, BBC and the Labour Government wanted Griffin silenced, the scandal covered up and consequently, the Pakistani grooming to continue.

The CPS prosecuted Griffin twice but a jury with many concerned English parents stubbornly refused to convict. They understood the revelations that Griffin was making were in the public interest even if their verdict angered the Labour Government, especially the then Labour Chancellor Gordon Brown.

Bitterly disappointed after the second acquittal in 2006, which had unanimous not guilty verdict, Chancellor Gordon Brown told the BBC “race laws may have to be tightened.”

The contempt the Labour Government and Gordon Brown had for legitimate concerns of the English working class were demonstrated again a few years later when Brown was Prime Minister.

During the 2010 general election campaign, Gillian Duffy, a 66-year- old widow and Labour supporter, told the Prime Minister that she was concerned about immigration from Eastern Europe.

After appearing to talk amicably with her for five minutes Brown sped off in his car not realising his microphone was still on.

Brown berated his aides saying: “That was a disaster. Should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that?”

An aide then asked what Mrs Duffy had said, and Mr Brown replied: “Everything.She’s just a sort of bigoted woman who says she used to be Labour.”

Unfortunately for Mrs Duffy and millions of other traditional working class Labour supporters, their concerns about immigration will never be addressed.

This is because Labour is increasingly an international socialist party. International Socialists want borders, nations and peoples to dissolve into international organisations such as the European Union and eventually a World Government.

This might benefit poverty stricken immigrants from failed states who want to come to England, but it’s bad news for Mrs Duffy and her neighbours.

Mass immigration is a sure way to dissolve English national identity. I say “English” not “British” because the modusoperandi of any international socialist is always to attack the dominant group in any country they wish to internationalise and dissolve.

However, there are other forms of attack.

John Prescott wanted to break England up into European Union style self governing regions, but when this was rejected by the North-East in a referendum he was thwarted.

Symbols of English national identity, such as flying a St. George Cross flag from your Council house during the world cup, are often attacked by Labour councillors.

However, what Labour elites really want is for our sons, but more realistically our daughters, to breed with immigrants to socially engineer the “truly multicultural” country they crave.

In Northern towns, where English and Pakistani communities have self segregated, Labour councils encourage integration by closing perfectly good English schools and building bigger and more central schools where” social engineering” can take place.

Labour councils even bus our children into Pakistani areas to promote integration.

I resent the way Labour elites look upon the English working class as if they own us.

We are not farm animals or your pets! We are not guinea pigs to be used in your social engineering experiments!

The English working class should not be forced to integrate by champagne socialists who are well out of it in their ivory towers. “Integration” should be voluntary, preferably between two consenting adults.

It is clear to me that the Labour elite are not only out of touch with their traditional English working class supporters, they are actually at odds with them.

They need us for now until we can be replaced by more immigrant voters, but they really do despise us.

Labour’s pursuit of international socialism necessities the dissolution of the English people and that includes their traditional working class supporters Internationalism and multiculturalism trumps everything else!

So, if this means lower living standards and our underage daughters being exposed to grooming, abuse and prostitution by organised groups of Pakistani men, then so what?

Labour’s Marxists have no moral scruples and to them, the ends justify the means.

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