Kudos to Channel 4

Fri, 01/03/2013 - 15:00
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By Donald McD-I saw a trailer for a Channel 4 documentary on TV during the weekend all about the tricks of the trade regarding pickpockets in London.

In the trailer an ex pickpocket with a thick Liverpool accent was giving an example of one of the more daring methods of relieving people of their possessions.

After the appalling and shocking BBC Radio 4 interview concerning immigration in this country where some person was telling the listening nation that classes full of immigrant children with one local kid is good for him or her or that we can all benefit from being one of the 45% white minority in London, I sat down and gritted my teeth expecting the program to focus on drug addicts from different parts of the UK or some kind of other social reprobate with a provincial accent.

In the last three years living in the West End, I’ve witnessed undercover police pounce on thieves in cafe bars, been barged into in Oxford Street as some guy done a runner from some store and I’ve been the victim of an ATM scam which saw my bank account emptied within a couple of hours.

In every case, all the perpetrators were distinctly foreign so I waited to be ‘politically correctly’ informed that all the people committing those acts were actually UK nationals.

What a shock! The Channel 4 documentary left one in no doubt that the criminals were from Eastern Europe, specifically Romania. The director allowed the comments from the police to be aired stating that Eastern European gangs flitted between Paris, Barcelona and London.

The cameras focused on their faces and followed them as the police arrested them. One police officer said that they look out for special markings tattooed on their hands and wrist signifying that they had been in jail.

A bit pointless telling us that if they were not going to show them but five minutes later they did.
One detained Romanian said that he was in London to have his back fixed on the NHS to which the police officer said later to the camera ‘when he said that...that really wound me up’.

I thought that Channel 4 didn’t really need to leave that in but they did so extra points there. A nice little reminder there to those with their heads buried deeply in the sand (or elsewhere) that yes...there are lots of people who come here as NHS tourists, draining our institution, being handed expensive medication, using up beds and contributing nothing.

The Big Issue vendor who was from London stated freely that all the criminals he sees on the streets are from Romania and Serbia and proceeded to tell us about all the tricks they employ to steal wallets and bags. South American gangs also target London.
Anyone out there who is pro EU, pro less border control etc would have been sinking further and further into their chairs last night if they possessed the slightest modicum of intelligence.

On Wednesday The Daily Express front page carried all the information about the atrocious crime statistics carried out by Eastern European Union nationals and soon to be Romania.

What do our political masters do about the imminent deluge at the end of this year? They tell the Romanian government to tell their people not to come because ...'our weather isn’t pleasant'?

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