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Wed, 12/06/2013 - 13:00
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By Richard Alderley-Considering that both the British Government and Islam are founded on lies, hatred and deceit, it is ironic that Islam has slipped in through the backdoor of our society clinging to the coat tails of Westminster ministerial greed, with the assistance of Wahhabi Saudi Arabian Sunni Islam.

For better or for worse the British government, of every hue, has supported and backed, even with free military help, perhaps the most undemocratic and oppressive regime in the world, Saudi Arabia.

This corrupt dictatorship which represses its people with torture is a gross monster compared with lesser tyrannies such as North Korea or Cuba.

Many Saudi nationals are Shia Muslims who are regularly persecuted by the minority Sunni rulers.
In fact the Sunni Saudi royalty not only oppress the Shia but they have also outlawed Christianity.

There is not one Christian church in this Muslim hell hole, but should anyone be so stupid as to celebrate Christian mass and get caught then the State punishment for this crime is death.

And our Westminster government are letting these two faced murderers not only invest their ill gotten gains here but also fund the building of mosques, Islamic centres and terrorist training establishments, such as the one in Lewisham that trained the murderers of Lee Rigby, throughout our country without so much as a "by your leave" to the British electorate.

Consequently when Teresa May and Dianne Abbott are obliged to wear burqas and hypocrites like Cameron and Clegg are forced to pray to Allah five times a day on their knees, we will be able to say "told you so!"

Though of course by then it will be too late for all of us.
So if we don't want this to happen to our wives and daughters, or our fathers and sons, then we must redouble our efforts and keep our minds fixed resolutely on the task we have set ourselves: free our people of Westminster corruption and double dealing together with kicking Islam out of Britain.

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