John Terry - It's all about class not race or anti-racism.

Mon, 24/09/2012 - 11:00
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By Chris Barnett-If football was a posh sport, say like rowing, where all the competitors were white British toffs, do you think there would be "anti-racist" witch hunts?

Whites are now under-represented as players in professional football and now they are even talking about replicating that "success" in the management of the game.
In football management, if you look at the demographics of the managers, they are mainly from white British *working class*backgrounds.

The reason for another round of "anti-racist" witch-hunting, targeted at the football management tier of football, is because the target demographic is white British AND working class, not just because they are white British and thus "over represented".

The anti-white British part is just part of the weapon used against them and it makes for a very "nice" diversion in which too many people fall for.
If the people who ran this country were so concerned about "anti-racism" and actually believed the so called "ideology" that they appear to "subscribe" to, then how can they explain to recent photos of both Oxford and Cambridge university rowing clubs?

There doesn't appear to be ethnic minorities in such sports.
We could get into all sorts of talk about how they aren't physically suited to it.

Whether they are or not is irrelevant.

The fact is you don't see or hear about campaign groups, politicians or the media complaining about such under representation of ethnic minorities in those kind of sports.

You see the real reason why we have all of this "anti-racist" bull crap in football, is that in this day and age, it's "outrageous" that working class white lads can make it into the big time.

They've been cleared out of Information Technology.

The cockney East End barrow boys have been cleared out of the lucrative stock trading floors in the city. Cabbies can make a nice living, which is why they are being cleared out and replaced by ethnic minorities in just about every town in the country.

There is an underbelly of hatred, but it isn't prevalent in the working class white masses.

We shouldn't try to speculate on how prevalent hatred of normal white working class is amongst the elite in Cambridge & Oxford, we should stay out of the prejudgement game.

What is beyond debate, is that white upper and middle class hatred of all things white working class, is far more dangerous than industrial talk on the football pitch.

"The plebs need to know their place!"

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