Islam and Racism

Tue, 01/05/2012 - 13:00
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By Mike Wilson-Islam and racism, the two words that sum up the decline of western societies. The Christian ethos that the meek shall inherit the earth is bringing about the biggest change in Western society that not even two world wars could achieve.

Islam & Racism


The meek won’t inherit the earth, they will simply be subservient to the powerful forces that gave them the lie. Nature does not let the weak survive in favour of the strong so why do we think that nature has other plans for people with ethics and moral values?

Christian morality is at the heart of this decline of Western civilization. We have been so busy turning the other cheek that we did not realize that our pockets were being picked and our lands taken over by those we sought to forgive. 

Nature does not forgive and epitomizes the fact that might is right and that the weak perish and disappear. Strength to survive is what nature understands and without being able to protect oneself then we are left vulnerable to those who are determined to take what is ours by force or by subterfuge. In the case of Britain the population has become so brainwashed by those seeking our downfall that we allow stupidity to govern our daily actions rather than to oppose these laws and fight to take back what was once a great and prosperous country.

To have to put up with the endless waves of immigrants from Africa or the Middle East who demand housing and jobs and support all at the expense of the British people is just breathtaking yet we accept it because we have been brainwashed into agreeing that the meek shall inherit our earth, not theirs.

For a white Western country to be held to ransom by Islamist racists who are intent on converting us to their way of life is an indication of the extent to which we have sunk because we have done so without attempting to fight back.

We have allowed ourselves to be subjugated by laws dictated by foreign interests with no regard or thought to what the average Briton thinks only that we will do as we are told by outside interests who are only intent on taking over our country. The establishment (and who can forget Andrew Marr’s comments, former head of the BBC) has quietly converted the mechanisms of government to do their own bidding and by that I mean the police as well as the politicians, local governments and the main stream media.

To complain about mass immigration is to be called racist in one’s own country and to see events changing our world and being able to do nothing about it is an obscenity. It is both degrading and disgusting yet we still allow speed breeders to demand access to housing and government support when less than the smallest percentile have any plans to do something to help our economy. They would rather just breed themselves into a situation where they don’t have to work. For a race that has a supposed IQ of around 70 they have worked out very well just how to get the best out of life at our expense.

To accept Islam into Britain is akin to turning the other cheek but to reject Islam is to fight back. To accept calls of racism and racial hatred laws is only justified if the white Anglo Saxon is the one doing the calling and not some rainbow coloured free loader. Racism will only be a hate crime whilst it is aimed at the white population so by not accepting it we fight back.

Whilst the establishment is busy integrating all manner of foreigners into this country we should be reminding them that this country is British, we are not Islamists nor are we racists but most of us are pure Anglo Saxon White Protestants who dislike these changes and want our country back.

What matters now is what we can do about it and how we do it. By tacitly accepting the overriding laws brought in by the EU and their cronies and our politicians just pandering to these foreign states we are getting closer to the situation becoming irreversible. Since 2009 when the EU laws took precedence over British ones and we became a satellite state of the EU we have been changed dramatically to a subservient state thought by most to be totally vanquished

We don’t have to be but it is up to us not to just accept what has been done to us but to oppose it and take back what is ours. Reject the so called democratic government in favour of British patriots who refuse to accept the rules of foreign governments. Raise awareness of the basic problems affecting us and demand that we become free and independent once more.

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