The Indigenous British- A Denial of Rights Conspiracy

Wed, 22/08/2012 - 14:00
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By Waerloga-In 2011 the United States government issued an official communiqué to the government of Iran, strongly demanding that Iran changes its policy of denial of rights to its own indigenous populations (1).

The overall population of Iran consists of a number of different recognized indigenous tribal and racial groups, such as Azeris, Kurds, Balochs, Khemseh and several others.

The US Government claims to be appalled at the denial of rights to indigenous Iranian ethnic groups by the Majlis, the Iranian parliament.

Why then, it must be asked, has the US government never issued an equally criticizing communiqué to the British Government, who are enforcing a similar denial of rights upon the indigenous populations of Britain, such as the native English, the native Welsh and the native Scots?

The USA and the UK are political buddies, and the primary ethical position of the two governments can be summed up fairly - and entirely provably - as “Don’t do as we do, do as we say!”

For example, the hypocritical 2011 US message to the Iranian government specifically criticized the torture of Iranian citizens in order to extract confessions for use in court, conveniently ignoring the fact that the Americans themselves were doing exactly the same thing at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib (2)(3), with the tacit agreement of the Blair government which permitted flights ferrying prisoners for torture to use British airfields as staging posts (4)(5)(6).

In the case of the British government (whether Labour, Conservative or “Coalition”), there is more than ample evidence that its major concerns on the subject of preserving the rights of indigenous people are directed only outwards at the rest of the world and never, ever, inwards at the indigenous people of their own unfortunate and blighted country.

Consequently, the indigenous English race – exactly like the Kurds, Azeris and other indigenous groups in Iran whose non-recognition so infuriates the US government – remains legally unrecognized in its own native homeland of England and, as a consequence, the indigenous English are continually subjected to the strictures of a denial of rights conspiracy operated by its own parliament.

The official denial of indigenous rights to the native British people, particularly to the English race, is made possible by a cynical government manipulation which corrupts British law, aided and abetted by the deliberate politically-motivated failure of the United Nations Organisation to adopt a proper and technically accurate official definition of “indigenous people” which – like their Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 – could be referred to by member states as the general standard to be upheld for legislative measures.

Put in simple terms, when the UN drafted its policy on “Indigenous and Tribal peoples” in 1989 (UN Convention 169), it was so pressurized by the requirements of the ruling cliques of its own individual member states that the result was little less than a “cosmetic exercise”.

Considering how many powerful westernized countries are able to influence the United Nations, the result of UN policy in this respect could hardly have been honest and thorough. In even simpler terms, there were too many self-serving hands on the steering wheel (7).

These were the diplomatic hands of various countries, such as Britain, who regarded a proper, honest and accurate legal definition of “indigenous peoples” with absolute horror because it would give the original inhabitants of western lands - such as the English in England – all the legal rights within their own lands that are accorded to indigenous peoples in less westernized countries.

To the British government, this would present an unacceptable obstacle to the government-sponsored onslaught of alien races arriving in massive numbers in the UK and displacing not only the indigenous English race but also indigenous English moral values, cultural purity, religious standards, social behaviour and electoral balance.

Again put in simple terms which are undeniable and obvious in so many news stories and incidents that listing them would require an entire library, it is the ethnic groups who invade the UK that have the protection and backing of thoroughly biased British “law”, whereas the indigenous English not only do not have any rights to protect themselves as a recognized racial and tribal group from the effects and cultural ravages of this foreign mass colonisation, but also the English are not even granted the dignity of legal recognition as an indigenous people within their own racial and tribal region.

Consequently, the indigenous English people now actually have fewer rights than the indigenous Aboriginal peoples of Australia.

The United Nations Development Group Guidelines on Indigenous People’s Issues (8) (in Table 1, page 15) even provides a list of what it calls “Guiding Principles” in which the rights of indigenous people are detailed.

These are, in fact, the “rights” which the indigenous English race in England do not have in British law, simply because our government refuses to recognize the existence of the English as an indigenous people in England.

The UN list includes, for example, “Indigenous people’s lands and territories should be legally recognized, demarcated and protected from outside pressures.” (As it has been in Brixton, Wolverhampton, Tower Hamlets, Birmingham, Luton…? Not!)

Also; “The UN…calls upon States to consult with indigenous peoples to obtain their free and informed consent prior to approval of any project affecting their lands and resources.” (As is the case, of course, in the conversion of Churches to Mosques and the erection of Mosques and permission for “halal” butchery upon indigenous English land…? Not!)

Also; “Indigenous peoples have the right… to develop their own educational facilities, if they so wish.” (As in the case of the many indigenous schools which can legally specify “English Race Pupils Only”…? Not!)

There are many more recommendations in this UN document, but the few examples given here amply serve to demonstrate why the British government refuses to recognize the native English race as indigenous to England.

If they did so, their cherished scheme for producing enforced multiculturalism and eliminating the English race from interfering with future history would be shot full of holes and sunk.

The last thing the government wants is to allow the rightful indigenous English race to have any recognized indigenous rights as detailed in UN Convention 169.

This, for example, is why Gordon Brown flatly stated in 2009: “The Government does not plan to sign ILO Convention 169, which we assess does not apply to the United Kingdom!” (I must have missed the referendum in which “we” decided that Britain has no indigenous people!)

I began this article with an example of the hypocrisy of a government.

Here is another little-publicised example of hypocrisy which readers with high blood pressure are advised not to read.

The European Union, to which Britain gives colossal sums of our money, provides the necessary funds to the International Labour Organisation to enable it to work on implementing UN Convention 169 in Africa, Latin America, South America and South Asia (9).

So you and I are paying for the legal recognition and rights of Indigenous People in Africa, in Latin America, in South America and in South Asia, under Convention 169 – that same convention which our political leaders state does not apply to us at all!

Amongst all the other vital pressing duties of Nationalists in the UK, I believe we urgently need to organise a campaigning pressure group for the recognition of the English race as the indigenous inhabitants of England.

Gaining this currently denied legal recognition is the first and most important step in regaining our rights to live as we wish in our own racial homeland.

At present, without legal recognition as an indigenous people, the native English no longer officially exist in England!

We have been subjected to a political and sociological denial of rights (indeed, an actual denial of existence!) - reduced by scheming politicians to the status of a “non-people” in a topsy-turvy political state where every incoming ethnic group is given indigenous rights and the genuine indigenous people are not.





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