Independence vote grows steadily amongst young Scots

Tue, 19/02/2013 - 11:00
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By Northernscot-The British National Party has been and still is a pro-Union party. Yet not for once have we been complacent over the fact that the press continue to measure the Yes vote at around 28-32%.

In fact Scotland BNP has warned several times at least over the lacklustre campaign by the No to Independence organisation.

It has been overly negative and scaremongering over ship building jobs has not worked.

The No campaign continues worryingly to not engage well in two areas. Firstly, if anyone considers that the Yes vote will not increase are hiding their heads in the sand.

When the time gets nearer to the referendum we can expect the full exploitation of patriotic Scottish emotions to be used. This will be aimed at the glories of Scotland, the misdeeds against Scotland through history.

It will also be used in connection of what makes as different to the Welsh, Irish and English in a way that shows us a future as an Independent Scotland.

The issues of emotion and pride must be portrayed by the pro-Union campaign, of Scotland’s pride of place and fearless confidence within the Union.

The second blind spot of the lacklustre No campaign is our young Scots. Some time ago, I asked my wee clan, who are of referendum voting age, their view on whether Scotland should be part of the Union or become Independent.

Knowing my pro-Union position did not stop four out of the five saying they would vote yes. To test this further I asked concerning their friends views, not thinking politics was high on their agenda!

To my amazement, the confirmed that most of their friends would also vote yes.

This has backed up the worry that the No campaign must engage urgently with Scotland’s proud and confident young people. Simply, each of us need to talk to young folk of the benefits of Union and Scotland’s unique place within it.

A recent poll by Ispos Mori for The Times newspaper found that the yes to Independence vote had risen from 30% to 34%. More concerning for the No campaign that we support, was that young Scots between the ages of 18-24 years would vote yes at a rate of 58%.

This is a huge rise from October 2012 when the figure stood at 27%. There is some feeling that the figure rises if you talk to 16-17 year olds.

This has been coming for a long time and should not be viewed as a flash in the pan.
There is therefore much work for all pro-Unionist to do.

We must get across the message in a simple way that Scotland as a part of the Union of peoples from Ireland, Wales and England stands with confidence and pride.

What we do need is for the likes of David Cameron and Calamity Clegg to keep their distance from the No campaign. Cameron’s government is deeply un-popular in Scotland along with the Lib Dems. Each time the Conservative leader lends his voice to the campaign, it does no good.

We need the public to see that the No campaign is run and championed by Scots, and that it does not have one foot tide to the Prime Minister’s wishes. The Conservative government along with their Liberal Democrat buddies have and are creating mass poverty amongst not only Scots but also our cousins in Wales and Northern England.

Their policies of job cuts, wages reduced, excessive welfare cuts along with demonising the unemployed and disabled has and is causing much resentment here in Scotland.

This is very dangerous for the No campaign, simply as polls continually show that support for Independence is over 40% in deprived areas and will continue to grow with the likes of the new Poll Tax, the bedroom tax.

We urge the No campaign to engage with young Scots at college, schools and Universities. Leaflet football games for instance or outside gigs.

Street activity and doorsteps must be fully visited with the campaign that Scotland is stronger together with our Welsh, Irish and English cousins.

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