Importance of the Postal Vote

Mon, 18/06/2012 - 09:00
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Nationwide postal votes are a vital key to winning elections, and we as a party must understand that, moving forward together as one, signing the public up is a very important and vital part of any election.

The masters of the postal vote,the Labour party, the biggest backer of the legislation that got passed in the year of 2000, and allowed the public to vote by post on demand by February 2001.

Many Labour councillors and politicians have had a long hard think of how they can keep their lifeline and to retain power, with the dying trend in all parties with activists, the only option is to sign voters and supporters up to the postal vote.

With a new way of voting and not many parties able to grasp it, would guarantee Labour a way to remain in power, as voters are reluctant to go to the ballot box, too busy, working, sick, holidays or for their own reasons.

Councils up and down the country can provide you with voters registers and stipulate which way they choose to vote, station, proxy or postal. The registers are then manipulated, and postal voters are targeted as they are eight times more likely to vote.

To beat the enemy you must start to think like them, sign up your friends, family, your neighbours, any supporters, enquiries to the party and just about any person you come in to contact with who expresses an interest or support towards our party.

Fill the form out with them, it’s easy and self explanatory, don't lose your lead; otherwise you lose a vote.

Take the forms to the council and keep a note of where they are living, come election time we can then do our own targeting.

Think of on Labour's scope, that party are only in it for what they can bleed out of the taxpayer, personal gains with no regards to the voter, this is their source of income, so when the British National Party come along, the real representative of the British people,we are to be seen to be picking up momentum and support,the ruling elite don't like this,and this is why they fear us.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser says "In Salford I have watched local Labour for some time now, it’s the same old faces and very rarely see any new Labour activists on my estate.

"The recent referendum which triggered the first ever mayoral election, saw Labour activists being bussed in from Manchester, Bury and Prestwich to campaign for a NO vote as the British National Party along with other parties places our position with YES, so we saw there in that example Labour's activist base is not much more than ours.  "Labour don't like to pound the streets, its hard work, they deploy different tactics and formed the postal vote, I am now a new postal voter, and in the recent elections I was targeted though the post by the unite union on behalf of the Labour party in hope I may vote for them.

"It now fits in to place what has been happening over the years and why Labour has been getting elected, despite being hated. The last election two thirds of voters voted by post, we now have to adapt these tactics to remove the traitors who have sold our country down the river and betrayed its people" Gary concluded.

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