Immigration: We have already said goodbye to the country we inherited

Tue, 11/09/2012 - 13:00
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By P.Cooper-Regarding the comments by Frank Field and Nicholas Soames that " we are in the last chance saloon as far as immigration is concerned" and "we will be saying Goodbye to the country we inherited if we don't get a grip on immigration".

We already have said Goodbye the country we inherited.Does Britain bear any resemblance to the Britain of the 1950s and 60's?

Frank Field and Nicholas Soames are obviously not living on Planet Croydon, Planet Newham, Planet Peckham, Planet Brixton, Planet Bradford, Planet Birmingham or any of England's other inner cities where immigrants now form over 50% and some over 80%, otherwise they would know this already.

Perhaps they should visit them and find out.

Count the number of mosques and temples.

For example,Croydon is now like a huge refugee camp full of Africans, Muslims, Chinese and every other kind of non-British non-White, non-English speaking person you could think of.

For the last 40 years ++, immigrants have been allowed to pour into the UK - mostly into London and The South of England - from Africa, India, China and the 'rest of the world PLC' very few of them have been detected by our immigration systems which are virtually non-existent, mainly due to a conspiracy by both Labour and the Conservatives.

Labour wanted mass immigration to get more immigrants to vote for them and the Conservatives to drive down wage costs. Therefore, illegal immigrants have been allowed to become British citizens in droves who then bring in their families and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

Result: Uncontrolled population growth - Britain is now the most overcrowded country in Europe and our population growth is also the largest in Europe.

People are also flooding into the UK from the European Union countries, a large number of them, benefit tourists.

Why did the Conservatives scrap our exit controls?

This totally stupid action completely destroyed any chance we used to have of knowing who is in the country and who isn't.

This affects our national security and exit controls should be a legal necessity.

How do we know how many terrorists, political activists or extremists have entered the country?

Why are there no criminal checks too on the people coming from the Eurozone?

People have been attacked/murdered in the UK by foreign murderers and criminals. It is an absolute scandal.

How would anyone feel if their child, wife or any member of their family had been murdered because of this?

The official government figure is that we have between 60-65 million people in the UK, but this figure seems very low considering the amount of people who have been pouring into the UK over the last 40+ years.

Supermarkets have stated to justify opening more branches throughout the country, that their till receipts suggest the figure should be more like 80million+.

Who is telling the truth?

Perhaps Mr Field and Mr Soames should talk to the supermarkets about this anomaly?

We still haven't had the results of the 2011 census yet. I was told by my MP that the results would be out in the "Summer of 2012". My own feeling is that the census figures are too controversial to release during the Olympic Games because they will show a big increase in our population size from 2001.

Will the government be tempted to lie about the true figure?

The true extent of immigration into the UK has been hidden by successive governments who were trying to build our economy as large as the United States (they are 60 times the size of the UK) and also to drive down wages and get 'cheap labour'.

In reality, a lot of these immigrants are working on the black market for cash which is probably why UK tax receipts are so low. A lot of immigrants who are resident in the UK/have achieved citizenship are sneaking in illegal immigrants to get work done on the cheap, often using them as 'slave labour' to act as housekeepers/nannies/cleaners etc for their homes, or as waiters for Indian/Chinese Restaurants/Nail Bar workers.

I await the immigration debate with great anticipation, but I am pretty confident that immigrants, Labour activists, Marxists and people working in the now hugely inflated and wasteful Immigration Services Industry with vested interests in immigration will attempt to stifle the debate with accusations of racism and will use every politically correct statement in the book.

They will say how much immigrants are producing whereas, if you look at any inner city or town with over 50% immigrants, you will find high unemployment, high amounts of government subsidy to off-set this, high crime, post code wars where councils have to pay to bus children across post-codes, anti-social behaviour and a high birth rate costing a fortune in maternity/child benefit, people using hospitals without paying anything in and so on.

Our prisons are stuffed full-to-bursting with foreign criminals.

How much is this costing?

If the PC brigade win the debate, we will then continue to let in over 500,000+ into the country every year through the visa system, the foreign student system, arranged marriages, sham marriages, the right to a family law until this island sinks under the weight of all the people and concrete that will be heaped upon it.

240,000 homes a year are required for our burgeoning population growth. This is obscene and cannot be sustained in the long term:

Click here: Housing supply and demand - UK Parliament

What about air pollution too? Every time the UK is subjected to air pollution testing by EU requirements, we have consistently broken our carbon emissions targets and yet the Coalition wants to build a third runway and keep admitting more immigrants saying that "the UK should be open for business" - open for immigrants from all over the world to take the shirts off our backs more like.

There are virtually no businesses now in the UK which are British-owned.

I am seriously thinking of emigrating because I cannot see a future for this country 20 years down the road if our politically correct liberal elite allow this to continue.

A large proportion of intelligent indigenous people of this country have either been forced to move out to the suburbs or have emigrated altogether. 

They do not want to raise their children here. The quality of life is deteriorating badly in the UK because of mass immigration.

Some immigration has been beneficial but a larger proportion has brought crime, drugs, knife crime, gangs, riots, post-code wars, anti-social behaviour, teenage pregnancies and lack of parenting skills.

All of this has had a knock-on effect on the indigenous population and we have lost the 'polite society' that used to exist in the 50's and 60's.

Black people in the 60's used to be polite law-abiding in our cities because they were conforming to a majority white 'polite society' population.

Now Black people in the inner cities have become tribal and violent because basically the polite British society has been all but driven out of our cities by mass immigration and the indigenous people of this country have either been forced to the suburbs or have emigrated altogether.

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