Immigration Necessary For White Nations.. But Not Others

Sat, 20/04/2013 - 20:00
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By John Salvage-White British Nationalists are forever tainted with the old chestnut: ''you're just a one issue party''. Whether it's the multi-policy, well established British National Party, the National Front, or the many disparate and varied groupings in between, we are condemned for the most obvious of problems concerning our own nation, and that of our kith and kin of European origin elsewhere.

However, what can one do when socialist billionaire and pauper alike, continue the topic almost weekly, when it suits their socio-political and self-serving cultural aims?

Time after time, even more so since the internet became the biggest, fastest way to get information to the masses, we have seen wealthy, and politicized sons and daughters of immigrants, doing their utmost to destroy from within, our ancestral inheritance and way of life.

The latest arrogant attempt to get their way is seen on the MSN propaganda page.

Here is what is said about Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Entrepreneur, on the creation of a political pressure group he has formed with other Silicon Valley comrades:
''Mr Zuckerberg, whose great-grandparents were immigrants, said he wants "comprehensive immigration reform that begins with effective border security, allows a path to citizenship and lets us attract the most talented and hardest-working people, no matter where they were born".

He also called for higher standards and accountability in schools and increased focus on learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics''.

He, and the other offspring of Jewish immigrants, apparently wish to ''reform policy on immigration''. The American people, whose British and European ancestors created from dust, ice, and desert, a once prosperous nation that, until as recently as the 1950's, was reasonably wealthy, safe, and oriented towards a European cultural, socio-economic civilisation, have enough to cope with. More immigration to appease the greedy, war mongering elite of Neo-Cons, Zionists, and increasingly even wealthier anti-white hate-mongers, will surely inflame the powder keg that is America today.

Where America goes, we all follow, and that is a sad fact. The problem is that lighting the powder keg as it were, could be a strategy they want.
Every immigrant that came to our shores, whether America, Australia, mainland Europe, or here in Britain, seems to want to ''reform'' the very culture that enabled their safety and prosperity.

Over here, we have dozens of these parasitical elites, Keith Vas is a good example, with his I'm glad Britain has been transformed blast, and every one of them, probably without exception, has seen and encouraged the ''transformation'' of our nation. Inventiveness, creativity, completely new inventions, and democracy in its original healthy form, are all ours, and ours alone. We have given everything away.

Zuckerberg and his ilk are only the modern version of those who have benefited from our genetic and inherently brilliant brainpower.

The silicon chip, which he and others could not have imagined, was first thought up by a British radar scientist, Geoffrey Dummer. He was employed by the Ministry of Defence, and worked with the idea of putting an integrated electronic circuit in a small part of a semiconductor substance.

In 1952, he proposed his hypothesis at a convention about Quality Electronic Components in Washington. He worked for 4 years on this concept, but was unsuccessful in producing the first real silicon chip.
Without our intellect, and our yearning for adventure, whether it be the frontier of electronics, or the shores of far-off lands, none of these parasites could ever have lived the life we gave them.

Immigration is in many cases, a natural occurrence, especially when our ancient ancestors traded and bartered with others. However, the usual line by the likes of Zuckerberg and Vaz, amongst others, is that ''we are a nation of immigrants''.

Only partly true. Our nations were made up of kith and kin, genetically related immigrants that, ensured thousands of years of progress, self-sufficiency, and cultural sophistication on a never before known basis.

We have to ask ourselves, and these arrogant, greedy parasitic billionaires, along with those whom know no difference through years of emotional propaganda, just two simple things: Where and when will it all end? There is a very easy way to argue our point in regards to immigration and racial issues.

That old cliché'... CAUSE AND EFFECT. If sons and daughters, and other inter-generational descendents of non-European immigrants keep on attacking and socially engineering our way of life to suit their ugly agenda, and taking away our hard won, and at times, bloody inheritance, then because of this CAUSE, we have a basic human right to employ an EFFECT.

The current situation is untenable. At 8% of the world's populace, we Europeans, Caucasians or and Aryan folk if you prefer, have little time to re-engineer, or to use an industrial term... back- engineer the cause of our collective strife, especially when so many of our people are seemingly too lazy, apolitical, or downright ignorant. Where are the racially aware entrepreneurs?

Where are the former decent financial and banking experts, engineers, and myriad others, whom once knew of our collective genius?

In fact, where the hell have we all gone to?
Political struggles are one thing, and they are a real struggle lately, but the equally important struggle for our collective economic, educational, and bodily well-being, is not even at the early battle stage, never mind a fully fledged war on those wishing to destroy us.

We need to unite, we need to create, and we need to oppose by all means, the likes of non-European immigrants, bending until breaking point, our very own ideas and inventions.

Guttengberg (Germany) and Claxton (England) must be turning in their graves. If Gutenberg, whose genius allowed the splitting into individual components, lower and upper case words, abbreviations, and various punctuations etc, we know today in the written language, could see how we have given away our ideas, only to have them used against us, he would no doubt have not bothered.
In fact, our modern and ancient ancestors would never have gone into battle to save our supposed democracies from alien invasion, when the aliens we could never have known about have all but ruined our European race and nations.

The next time we see the parade of traitors, foreigners, and the nefarious collection of pro-immigration, pro-EU and Israel lobbyists of both the left, and so-called right, wearing their plastic red poppies on armistice day, we should literally rip them from their chests.

After all said and done, if they so love and respect what our forefathers did to keep our nation(s) free from foreign rule, why are they pro-immigration?

Why are these spineless money grabbers, political rent boys, and prostitutes of the press and business and political worlds, wearing them at all?
Billions of British, American, and fellow European tax-payers are being robbed. Quite literally robbed in broad daylight, of their hard earned money in the guise of ''foreign aid''.

We are taxed beyond what is acceptable, forced to contribute to causes that are in effect, illegal and immoral, and made to endure TV and media advertising campaigns aimed at the feeble minded and foolish, to donate £3 per month to starving babies, and those whom cannot drink clean water.

Why? Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and the alien banksters, have more than enough collectively, to wipe out misery in all forms. Why don't the leaders of the super-powers, the axis of evil if you like, bomb the daylights out of those African and Asian states, where millions are starved to death, and have to walk miles for water?

Of course, by doing that, they would then have to curtail events elsewhere, and leave the Middle East etc to its own devices. Sending in troops to feed needy people, then leaving them alone to enjoy the benefits of modern locally built water wells, food production, and creating well governed countries, would see no benefit for the greedy banksters and profiteering war-mongers would it?

No sir, what has to happen, is that we pay for our own ethnic cleansing regime, whilst paying for more of the same the world over. More debt - more money for the banksters. More war - more money for the ammo manufacturing corporations. More death, physical disease, and plagues - more money for the giant chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Whether its Keith Vaz, Mark Zuckerberg, or a ranting Muslim cleric on massive financial and social benefits paid for by us, every one of these whom we have allowed to come to our shores, has the support of their own tribe behind them.

Their tribes are encouraged to prosper, they are financed, they are bowed down to, placated at every opportunity. Our tribe requires, according to their own words and writing, them.

We apparently need all these formerly warring tribes, to survive. You see, we are unable to prosper without them.
Immigration and race are only two of the problems White Nationalists and political parties grapple with.

Political and moral policy making on a national basis, and world events and proposed culmination of them, is there for all to see, and on every Nationalist web site. But as previously discussed herein, race and immigration is our two balls our collective enemy keeps throwing our way.

One day, we'll keep those balls, and return something far more effective. Until then, our people have the right to politically and morally attack anyone, or any group, insisting that white nations require multi-racial immigration to survive.

We know different, but so do they.

Cause and Effect... we know the cause, let's throw back the effect.

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