Immigration: Compare the policies!

Tue, 30/04/2013 - 14:00
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By RedSquirrels -There's a lot of misinformation about immigration, and confusion about the actual numbers of immigrants and emigrants from the UK - even the Office of National Statistics underestimated immigration from 2001 to 2011 by 464,000.

The UK government does not directly count immigrants and emigrants, instead these are estimated by the 'International Passenger Survey': a random sample of passengers at airports/ports are interviewed.

Long-term international migration (LTIM) means a migrant is resident for at least 1 year.

Net immigration is the difference between long-term immigration and emigration: this has been over 150,000 per year since 2001 (immigration has been between 500,000 and 600,000 per year).

There has been a net inflow of approx. 200,000 non-EU citizens per year, net outflow of about 50,000 white British/Irish people each year, and net inflow of 50,000 (non-UK) EU citizens.

he main political parties have focussed on net LTIM as the immigration measure to cut. This is the principle of 'balanced migration', which considers only total numbers of people in and out, and ignores who these people are.

But emigrants are mainly white British/Irish, so 'balanced immigration' of 50,000 people per year means 50,000 white British leave and 100,000 mainly non-European people arrive - not very ‘balanced’ if we care about the preservation of the native British peoples and culture of the UK!

Of non-EU immigrants, about half come from Asia, and a quarter from Africa plus the Middle East (Migration statistics quarterly report, February 2013, ONS).

The Con/Lib coalition has promised to cut annual net LTIM to under 100,000, but in 2012 the figure was still 163,000. At the same time they have cut Border Agency staff by 5,000, leading to long delays in processing visas and dealing with the huge backlog of deportations of failed visa/asylum seekers.

Labour was responsible for net foreign immigration of 3.2 million (and 1 million British citizens emigrated during New Labour's tenure).

Ed Milliband has admitted that New Labour failed to control immigration or deal with racial/ethnic segregation in Britain, but Labour has opposed the Coalition's efforts at reducing net immigration.

Another very important measure is the number of settlement applications approved (including settlement for asylum, family formation, work).

This increased to over 220,000 per year under Labour, and currently is 130,000. This figure should also be a target for immigration policy, and strict limits should be set on each category.

Curiously, UKiP has removed details of its immigration policy from its website during the election campaign, instead they only state some general 'principles', including a 5-year freeze on immigration for permanent settlement.

Previously their policy included permitting 50,000 'balanced' immigration per year after this freeze.
In contrast to these policies, the British National Party clearly states that it will halt all new immigration except for exceptional cases.

The crisis in employment, housing, school places and benefits caused by mass immigration over the last 50 years means that drastic action needs to be taken.

The white British population of England/Wales has declined by 600,000 since 2001, due to emigration and a very low rate (0.7%) of natural increase.

In contrast, there were 1.5 million non-white immigrants in this time, and the non-white population rose by 3.3 million (90% of the overall population increase), due to much higher rates of natural increase than the white British population (19% for Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups, and 18% for Black Africans).

Only the BNP will halt the progressive replacement of the native British population which successive governments have permitted by their negligence or deliberate encouragement of immigration.

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