If People are not valued by blood, They are valued by money

Thu, 20/09/2012 - 14:00
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By Lady Jane-Nationalism is all about blood. And soil. We care about the soil because of the blood. The remains of generations of our ancestors lived their lives and died here and it is that fact that makes our country – our land - our soil – sacred to us.

“Blood” refers to the closeness of our relatedness to others.

We all know the saying “Blood is thicker than water”, and that it means we will do more to love and care for our kin, our relatives, than we will for strangers.

In common with a number of Universalist religions, the modern ethos of liberal democracy, and the so-called Far Left ideology of Communism, urge us to love and care for all of humanity as if they were our brothers. This, of course, goes opposite to the Eternal Laws of Nature.

Not only does indiscriminate love, equally for everyone, contradict the laws of Nature and our natural impulses, but it actually devalues love itself.

In the Disney cartoon “The Incredibles”, the villain, Syndrome, declares “When Everyone is Super, no one will be!”

It is like that with love as well. If we would love everyone equally, then we would love no one. Love would be dead. To have love, to really care about people for themselves rather than for what they do for you, takes something special.

Normally that special thing is a blood bond. People will fight for and protect their relatives even when there is no obvious gain for themselves in doing so.

And yet this urge to help our kindred is the love that we all hope to give and to receive.

Science has found out how we evolved these feelings of kin-bonds, love and the willingness to help our own child more than that of a stranger.

Understanding the scientific basis for this is vital if we are to understand also how these traits are being lost and may be lost completely if we don’t find the quick and direct way to protect them, and to protect our folk and civilisation itself.

I know that sounds a bit over-dramatic a statement to some, but bear with me and I shall try to simplify the explanation the best that I can.

Our blood relations share more genetic material with us than strangers do.

Scientists have noted that populations of both humans and various animal species that are more homogeneous as separate groups are also more inclined to look after each other, go out of their way and self-sacrifice or show generosity to one another and other social behaviours that allow a happy cooperative social grouping.

In the past it has been assumed that this had more to do with how closely brought up the individuals are to one another and their familiarity.

Evidence show there is more to it than that though because in various groups where there is known to be more genetic diversity, it is not enough that they are familiar with one another and how closely they live together.

Consistently there is less love in communities where there is more diversity. Although racial/ethnic diversity is an obvious example of this diversity, the important new understanding is that of genetic diversity.

Our genes have been able to survive over generations because the way they make us behave has helped copies of those genes to multiply and to continue into the next generation.

The same strategies do not work in every evolved ethnicity. The genes eventually settle into what is called an “Evolutionary Stable Strategy” or ESS.

Essentially this defines our national and racial temperament and defines why our cultures differ in the way they do.

It explains why, if you would replace Europeans with Africans they would continue to have their culture, the ESS, that works best for their genes and which has not been the ESS developed by Europeans.

There is the most genetic diversity in the world in Africa. An African will share very little common genetic interest with those around them than a European does to another White European.

As the gap widens in terms of common genes, the less helpful it is to have genes that make you sacrifice you own chance to reproduce and spread your own genes.

So personality traits that make people take a chance on others will pay off when they are carrying copies of that helper’s genes but will be taken out completely by natural selection if the helper is assisting someone who has genes for exploiting rather than helping. At any rate, this result happens over time as a general trend.

Civilisation and a smooth running society depends upon cooperation and the natural urge to trust other members of the community, help each other, and pass on genes for continuing like that.

This is what real natural socialism is all about.

Quite the opposite to the strategy of unnatural socialism that advocates those with the genetic traits for being kind and good should throw themselves in with others who have a very conflicting ESS as a group.

In mathematical models it is known that a cheat will beat an individual that attempts to cooperate with him.

However a group of cheats cannot cooperate enough with each other, due to their mistrust, to defeat a group that can work organically as a team.

Team Britain is being turned into self-serving cheats who are losing the very instincts to trust one another and to be the strongest force we once were.

This is what is happening with the increasing genetic diversity. Once it is lost, there may well be no chance of fixing the tragedy and as all the world falls into this darkness, the light may be lost forever.

As our mentality changes and we become more genetically diverse, the “right wing” materialistic attitude that people have to be giving something of worth or else they are worthless emerges.

In Africa it translates into the attitude that if you can get something out of someone else, of course you would do that.

Everyone would.

There is this culture that anyone would aspire to be the biggest bully, and where those who can cheat or force their way into higher status and greater riches are to be admired and emulated.

In the west, the mentality is often found in successful businessmen and entrepreneurs who, along with politicians of the Conservative ilk, like to justify this mean and destructive behaviour as “Social Darwinism”.

They think they are the fittest because they can treat others like dirt and personally, as an individual (having only contempt for society) enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Psychologists think of the westerners who behave like that as having the traits of psychopaths, as they have no sense of love, guilt or concern for the suffering they cause.

Here it is considered still as unusual and freakish to be so callous.

As the genetic diversity increases we will find that those of us who are disgusted by such selfish individualistic behaviour are the ones being sidelined, ridiculed and regarded as weak and strange.

With less and less blood in common with those around us, the ESS, evolutionary stable strategy, that makes more sense from a genetic point of view is that society fractures into a state of exploit others or be exploited yourself.

This is encouraged in the idea that “socialism” is equated with scrounging. No one with that mentality wants to give of themselves to the less fortunate – because – and it becomes true with the genetic diversity – the less fortunate would only be trying to exploit the sucker helping them.

What a dismal future this looks to be.

Ideally a society would care for its unfortunates – the disabled, the unlucky, orphans, the elderly and those whose talents are in skills such as art or philosophy that cannot produce material wealth for the elite.

But this ideal is being left in the dust.

Instead we are heading for a time when a person must be either one of the elite or making some kind of material profit.

Together with our breakdown of the extended family, which allowed blood to protect us from this artificial and evil exploitation, we will become defined each as an individual out in the cold world by his or herself where he or she must live by tooth and claw amongst hostile groups.

We are witnessing the end of everything we, as a people even from our most primitive hunter-gatherer societies, held dear.

The first steps to take to stop this catastrophe are for each of us to take a look at our own lives and how we are helping to keep to our kin and protect the folk.

It is time to take individual responsibility and be prepared to give and to love – not just to take.

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