How to Honour The Fallen

Sat, 11/05/2013 - 11:00
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By John Salvage-As many people across Britain commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ''Battle of the Atlantic'', there can, at least for right thinking people, only be one way to do this properly.

Complete withdrawal from the European Union would show proper respect to those whom gave their lives in supposedly keeping democracy and freedom alive here in Britain.

Of course the reasons why such a war was yet again foisted upon nations where the peoples of them where essentially the same, are and have been, robustly discussed since that time back in the mid 1940's.

Unfortunately for our nation, and with such discussions in mind, it happened, and we and our modern ancestors have to live with the consequences.

So we now face the unenviable state of affairs whereby treason is normal, and patriotism, like those fighting for what they thought was a threat from a foreign entity at the time felt, is derided and lambasted.

We now live not in Great Britain, but Greater planet earth, where our inheritance has been given away, and our children only know a country that has 300 plus languages, no economic future benefits, serious crime on a daily basis, and the return of once eradicated diseases.
Political willpower is almost illegal. Thoughts can get you jailed.

Actions no more criminal than not putting the right rubbish in the correct bin or shouting at someone on a train or in the street can get you fined or in court, and one can face months, if not years, in and out of court for simply being angry at the state of our once great nation. (Emma West)

On one particular election campaign, and on more than one occasion whilst canvassing, one of our midlands activists knocked the door of an elderly lady whom immediately went from being quite polite, to getting worked up until we showed her the literature we had with us and our BNP rosettes.

At first, she thought we were Labour campaigners.
The lady then started to sniffle, and with tears in her eyes told our activists that her husband had recently passed on, but had told her many times: ''Me and my mates fought for nothing, we'd have been better off losing the war to Germany or not fighting against them at all''.

She then told us in no uncertain terms what she really thought and that this country needed someone like the Germans had in the 1930's and 1940's.
If that sort of anger can come from someone whose husband fought in the last war, then what does that say about the post-war Britain and its leaders?

With all those traitors installed in parliament since then, and the ugly global Marxist/Capitalist collaboration that has gripped our nation and the rest of the western peoples, then as Enoch Powell once stated: ''It was like watching a nation, busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre''.

Time after time, we have seen leaders, both Conservative and Labour, utterly going against the wishes of its own electorate, and their descendents.

When we see members of this coalition, and for that matter, any future government's ministers, councillors, and the staff of the institutions aiding and abetting the facilitation of the pro EU, pro Multi-Racial agenda, wearing poppies or commemorating what our forefathers did for our nation, we should collectively request/demand that they take them off.

They have no right wearing the poppies that represent the deaths of so many British. With mass immigration came the end of democracy as we knew it.

With more integration into the EU project came the destruction of our rights and bright economic future.
Those fake ''British'' politicians and their foreign internationalist collaborators, should as we all know, bow their heads in shame.

They know no such thing as shame; the word is meaningless to them. British Nationalists of all shades, and the various political parties and groups now splitting votes and the support base should seriously consider where their priorities lie. We can never fight whilst learning nothing from our ancient past.

Boudicca, whom many consider our ancient collective mother figure, left a legacy of what can happen when petty tribalism makes it impossible to take back the nation as a whole.

She only fought back when her daughters were raped, her husband's will had been ignored and the money lenders called in loans. A nation divided is a nation ready to be eaten like bits of food.

Boudicca then had to gather the tribes together, and only then could they fight for their lives... it was too little too late, even with some astonishing victorious battles.

We can only honour our war dead through continuous shoulder to shoulder fighting, and looking in the right direction. Nothing else will suffice.

Fighting on many fronts, and under differing and acrimonious banners, is ''grist to the mill'' for our enemy. We are rightly proud of all that our ancient and modern ancestors did for us, but to see such division amongst our own kind is a horror story in the making. We have enough to deal with, and enough traitors and their financial backers in power to see off as it is.

When we see them and the prostituted media and entertainment freaks wearing poppies, or commemorating our fallen as they have done recently, that should be enough to unite us all.

David Cameron, who proudly boasted that he could trace his family roots to an immigrant Jewish/German banker, and stated publicly that he would stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel, cannot have the best interests of this nation and it's indigenous people at heart.

Every leader since World War Two, some say well before even that, has the blood of our people on their hands. Nothing will be good enough for us, other than complete withdrawal from the monstrously costly, undemocratic EU.
Along with such a withdrawal, will be the ripping up of the anti-British, anti-white ''Human Rights Act''.

In addition, mass immigration will then, and only then, be tackled head on. Financial institutions would then be forced to act as friends, not enemies, and engage in morally righteous transactions and low interest debt. Our economy would then produce real businesses, and re-introduce some of the so-called ''old industries'', where once again, mass employment would be possible.

When we see reports of job losses, and whole industries being transported to foreign nations and described as the ''old industries'', it is treachery.

They are not old; they are the same ones, only in some other workers country. The only way to honour our heroes past and present, is by completely destroying the current world order, and we can start that process in two ways.

One is described above... Being united. The other is collectively telling everyone to figuratively ''rip the poppies off'' the coats of these traitors.

Show them up for what they really are. We, and only we, are the right bearers of those poppies.

And only us true Britons can truly commemorate our fallen.

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