How the EDL leaders stabbed a grieving family in the back

Mon, 28/01/2013 - 11:00
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By Blackpool Patriot-I for one did not think it was possible, but the English Defence League has hit a new low.

As some of you may know, the English Defence League leadership turned on the Downes family a long time ago because they were accepting help from the British National Party - how dare they accept help from more than one organisation in pursuit of justice for their murdered daughter, Charlene Downes!

Of course many of the group's supporters, being good people, carried on supporting the cause.

This wasn't acceptable for the English Defence League's Zionist masters...

Now before I continue this article, I would just like to stress that many of the English Defence League's supporters are decent patriotic folk who simply want to combat extremist Islam in Britain; many of the English Defence League's supporters are also supporters of the British National Party.

I even used to be a member of the English Defence League, myself.
But, fortunately, the EDL’s members and supporters are nothing like their leaders.

When the leadership and their ‘advisors’ found out about Karen Downes working with the British National Party, they took steps to punish her.

Alan Lake and ‘Kinana’ (both key figures exposed in Nick Griffin’s study ‘What Lies Behind the EDL?’) were particularly insistent that action had to be taken to stop EDL supporters continuing to champion to Justice for Charlene campaign how that the British National Party were involved as well.

They found that a woman bullying, drunk called John Riley had already been spreading rumours concerning the Downes family, wrongly accusing them of being child abusers and paedophiles.

The tapes by her alleged killers are supposedly faked, innocent Muslims are supposed to have been framed! The family are the guilty ones!

Just how sick must someone be to come up with such lies? And how cruel and ruthless must they be to be willing to add to the appalling suffering of Charlene’s family by spreading such poison?

Because, needless, to say the claims were backed with no evidence, just fake stories about anonymous friends in the child protection services.

Robinson and Carroll had their one-time LGBT organiser, part-time football hooligan and drug abuser, Liam Wood, spread these dated lies once again.

Liam did this alongside the Blackpool Division of the English Defence League - a once respectable division - now consisting mostly of drug abusers, alcoholics and scroungers.
''Birds of a feather flock together!''

Liam Wood is already known in many circles for having a homosexual relationship with another of the EDL/BFP daisy chain, Peter Stafford. Despite (or is it because of?) his militant homosexuality, Peter Stafford is (or maybe 'was' would be a more apt phrase) National Nominating Officer for the EDL’s would-be political wing, the British Freedom Party.

If this wasn't enough, Wood and his little clique decided to take it further and went on to bully the family, with name-calling and verbal abuse over Facebook. They then issued a ban on the Downes family and any of their supporters from attending any of the English Defence League, Blackpool Division's meetings. As a matter of fact, this ban is impossible to enforce as the division have their

‘meetings’ in the local pub, meaning anybody of drinking age can enter.

But it’s the thought that betrays their nasty, spiteful and typically undemocratic and unfair attitudes.

Just to give some of you an idea of the type of scumbags who are now running the Blackpool Division of the English Defence League, I’ll quote an alcoholic scrounger who threatened to attack me and my family for protecting the Downes family.

The man goes by the name of 'Mackem Pete', you'll have to forgive his spelling, for an English patriot, he sure struggles to comprehend our native tongue - ''ill f***in punish u ya silly c**t ur f***ed now.'' What a charming and articulate fellow!

In addition to the attacks by Mackem Pete and Liam Wood, the EDL leadership are also represented in this by Hel Gower (previously described as PA for Tommy Robison and Kev Carroll, now regarded by many as the English Defence League’s Interim Leader);
Former Combat 18 groupie Hel Gower had a remarkable conversion to pro-Zionism a couple of years ago. She is the English Defence League administrator who supported the American child killer, Adam Lanza, on the English Defence League twitter account - "If those kids were children to filthy leftists, Adam Lanza did the right thing. This world is being destroyed by leftists. #Newton #EDL #NFSE.''

Gower claims to believe the recent documents and lies about the Downes family and has used Facebook to spread her view: ''they do not portray the Downes family in a good light but that is my personal opinion.''

Well Gower, you're a supporter of child killers, so pardon me if I don't take your opinion seriously!
Other associates of Carroll and Gower have joined in the disgusting attacks on the Downes family.

All should be ashamed of themselves for falling for such nonsense and for their lack of loyalty and decency. Fortunately, the vast majority have already turned their backs on the collapsed EDL/BFP and are no longer taken in by any of their lies, propaganda or empty promises.

I for one am just glad that the British National Party will continue to stand for justice - no matter what the circumstances - even though the failed English Defence League will not.

Justice for Charlene Downes – and for all the victims of Muslim grooming gangs and Establishment neglect.

Justice now!

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