Have we swapped independence for entitlements?

Sun, 17/03/2013 - 15:00
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By Powys-A few weeks ago Berlusconi of Italy was re-elected to office after he had promised all who voted for him that they would have their 2012 taxes returned to them.

He is of course what we would charitably call a ‘populist.’ The very fact that he was re-elected to office points to a common failing within the system that we think of as being democratic.

It is not just Italy that exhibits such a failing, because it should be very clear that here in Britain we have elected government after government who have promised ‘things’ in order to get the people to vote for their program.

The most common thing that is promised is of course getting stuff ‘free of charge’, or something for nothing. Patriots, I want you to all pay close attention here because I am going to divulge a great truth:

NOTHING is free in this world and everything must eventually be paid for by someone. Prime Minister Brown’s government told the people of Britain that he had a solution for the country’s economic woes and he coined the phrase ‘quantitative easing’.

This too was a variation on the theme of getting something for nothing in that what he was actually doing was creating ‘money’ out of thin air in order to pay our debts.

So then, WHO in this instance eventually pays for Brown’s action? The answer of course is that we will all pay by having a reduced standard of living, which is now being induced by our watered-down currency.

The other victims, which our governments will never acknowledge, is that all those who were prudent and who saved some of their earnings, will see those savings wiped out by devaluation.

Anyone at this point who doubts that we have devaluation had better check the current value of the Pound and compare its 2013 purchasing power with that of 2010.

If you don’t think that important, just check what you now pay for food and fuel (two things conveniently not shown under inflation!)

Now, our governments also promised free universal health care, but they did not bother to inform people that their promises made in 1947 may not hold true in 2013.

All the old age pensioners who thought that the government would look after all their needs are now finding governments are failing them and not delivering on what they stated they would do.

You see patriots, it is well known by all of our governments that a promise made by one government is not binding on any successor governments.

The essential problem here is that none of our governments in living memory have balanced their budgets or balanced our international trade, and, they all got around that fact by simply borrowing money.

In other words, we trusted them to manage our affairs on our behalf and they completely bungled the job. How could they have done such a thing you ask?

Well the sordid truth is that paying the bills does not make good headlines – while getting something for nothing gets lots of votes!
Now, let us take a look at the issue dealing with this paper’s theme and our membership in the EU. I am convinced that right from the outset that our ‘progressive’ politicians saw that our nations was not paying its way in the world and their solution was to pass the problem to a far bigger government to solve.

In other words if a nation of 60-million was not economically viable, then integrating it into the EU mega-State with 600- million people, might work – but if not, then another government would have to sort out the mess.

So what did that ‘deal’ really mean? Quite simply, it meant that we swapped our precious national independence for continued entitlements that would be supported by the EU.

Unfortunately for us, most of the other nations in the EU also have politicians who think in similar ways to our own and because their countries are also bankrupt, the experiment has definitely failed.

The socialists will of course put the blame for all of this on the ‘capitalists’, when the real villains are the politicians. The EU is not alone in being in an economic mess and the truth is that the problem is now shared and global.

If you were a pensioner who during their lifetime had managed to save something for their old age, you would now be trying desperately to put that money where you could earn some interest.

So where does one put their money in order to gain say 5% per annum? Interestingly there are two places:

1. In some corporate bonds, or, 2. In some government bonds.

What one immediately discovers is that the corporate bonds are usually described as ‘risky’ or ‘junk’ but are based on an appraisal of the actual wealth of the company; whereas, the government bonds are described as ‘safe’, but are based on nothing more than the bankrupt government’s promise that they are safe!

Patriots, I want you to memorize the following because it is the truth: Governments frequently lie.
So, yes, patriots we did trade away our precious sovereignty to the EU and we got a government that is not even remotely democratic and which is also bankrupt. The latest rumour coming from the ‘banksters’ is that the EU is currently being propped-up by from six to ten TRILLION dollars lent by the U.S.A.

So, the ‘experiment’ failed and we lost not only our national freedom, but foreign laws are now supreme, our constitution has been abandoned, the United Kingdom now only exists in theory, our Queen is now ‘Citizen Windsor’, the safety of our border controls is now a bad joke and we are forced to admit the 3rd world, the rubbish of carbon trading and the hideous ‘human rights’ legislation. Ask yourself if trading away our sovereignty was worth it the next time you read of one of our pensioners dying in our now compromised NHS hospitals.

In summary, we have many challenges ahead in Britain, but I believe that we can restore the Land of Hope and Glory with a BNP government in power and a government moreover that resolves to reform our way of doing business.

We must pay our bills and balance our budgets; we must restore our sovereignty; we must deal with the demographic effects of immigration; we must create a society which saves: for the road to national prosperity will begin with individual saving (rather than debts) and, above all we need to focus on OUR people, OUR land and economy, OUR culture and traditions, and, OUR national spirit and freedoms.

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