Has Mr Cameron had a bang on the head?

Fri, 15/03/2013 - 16:00
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To arm the Syrian opposition with bigger and better weapons from Britain is crazy and expensive!

And where would the British weapons be used next and on whom Mr Cameron?

By Northernscot-It appears that the Conservative government might be moving our nation slowly into another bloody Muslim war by stealth.

It was only months ago when the Prime Minister and Hague said that there would be no British troops of the ground in Syria.

Then we moved to sending humanitarian aid to refugees. We even now send rubbish treatment equipment along with search and rescue equipment.

Then just weeks ago the government moved to send armoured vehicles and body armour to the fighters.

Now we find that the Conservative Prime Minister is talking up the possibility of skirting around the European position and arming the rebels with bigger and better guns.

We have to ask, has the PM had a bang on the head?

Firstly, only days ago Liam Fox was calling for the end of the right to universal benefits to cut expenditure, he means the likes of child benefit for instance.

You see, the Tories are borrowing more money than even Labour did during their term in office. We are as a country in debt. Yet here we see a Prime Minister thinking about sending expensive weaponry to rebel fighters, which no doubt will be turned on westerners as soon as they have killed thousands of their own people.

Libya and Iraq for instance we have seen weapons given at great expenses then use by Islamists and passed around the Muslim world.
“It may be that doing nothing will see the level of Jihadism get worse.” Thus sayeth the Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron, do you not understand. The rebels are already at the stage where militant Islamic’s are waging genocide against Christians and government supporting civilians.

By giving them weapons of great power is beyond dangerous. The Middle East is awash with machine guns already. Even the Germans have voiced this grave concern.

So we ask Mr Cameron, how many disabled Brits have to lose welfare to pay for Islamic rebel’s guns and tanks? How many British children do you need to add to those already in poverty to pay for guns and tanks?

Why is it that some in Great Britain think it’s our job to go around the Muslim world getting involved with armed warfare? Do Finland, Holland, Austria, Canada, Mexico for instance always jump in like we do?

No is the answer.

The next question has to be asked, How long before British troops find themselves being shot at in Syria?

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