Grubbing Around In The Dirt.

Thu, 13/06/2013 - 05:00
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Pigs are fascinating and lovable creatures given the right environment.

We are not, though, talking of the blue pig often found defending our corrupt elite or arresting motorists for petty offences while letting the serial rapists that populate Islamic ghettos get on with their nasty grooming of our children.

Here we consider the common pink pig. We could even call it the British White!

The pig is one of the key factors in the culture of the British and indeed all European nations. Anti-Islamist demonstrations in France by young nationalists holding dried pork sausages in the air really hit the nail on the head.

Together with alcohol, pork is at the heart of huge amounts of our popular and traditional culture.

The wild boar was a sacred tribal totem to Celts and Teutons alike, and his descendants remain powerful and much-love symbols of our identity today.

As can be seen by the public anger every time some idiotic pig in blue arrests someone for displaying some piggy symbol which "could upset Muslims".

Pigs are, given adequate room and freedom, clean animals. The bacon bankers on four trotters are obedient. Call their name from across the field and without hesitation they will come trotting across.

Scratch them behind their ear and their eyes will glaze over with unbridled ecstasy and if your knee is not there to support them, sometimes they will keel over consumed with total delight.

Bacon banks are a delight and a joy and will reward the good pig keeper with pleasure and fun.

Pigs are also very good at getting down to rooting around in our native earth. In fact so good that they can turn any field into a quagmire of porcine delight.

They get in there, sometimes on their front knees, finding every last bite of goodness there is and exploiting it. It may look grubby for a time, but if you happen to live near a piece of ancient woodland that is at present decked out in a carpet of bluebells or wild garlic, bear in mind that it is a product of past generations of pigs rooting about and so breaking up and scattering clusters of bluebell and garlic bulbs

In some ways these bacon banks have a lot to teach us. We, like them, need to get out into the fields, (wards), and root around grubbing about to find our voters.

The new Maryport Style of canvassing, which allowed our candidate to obtain 41% of the vote is a bacon bank type project that a small team can do to emphatically increase our supporter base.

The most advanced and radical of our members are just beginning to collect bric-a-brac to sell to raise money to help the needy in their local community. Still others are experimenting running the  food banks.

All this is "piggy in the field rooting around looking for our true supporters" stuff. For us these are new but vital steps on the road to assuring our nation that we are in politics for the voters´ benefit, not to line our pockets as today's Westminster elite do.

With a small team of three or four people working every ward across the country helping the elderly, feeding the poor and providing the individual support our failed governments are unable and unwilling to provide, our people, our voters, will know they can trust us to run the country.

One day, once we have proved ourselves in these small ways, they will give us the authority to put Britain on a course of safety and security.

But first, like our piggy friends, we have to root around in the political wards the liberal ruling elite fear to tread in. We have to find our voters and nurture them.

One day, when you are walking along a street in your chosen ward, a local resident will ask you for help. In assisting them you will realise that you are on the path to Westminster, and one day as their British National Party MP, you will look back at all that grubbing around in the mud and know it was all worth it.


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