Grab A Horn And Get Control Of Your Applecart.

Fri, 29/03/2013 - 06:00
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By Nathaniel Greene.
So you have decided to grab the bull by the horns and take control of your applecart. You like the idea of positive affirmative action helping the weak and vulnerable in your area.

You have realised that no matter how many leaflets you deliver, how much you tell people you are right or no matter how many street stalls you run, the people need to KNOW they can trust you to help them.

You have realised that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and that the pudding they are going to eat is the one you are going to make for them in their community for their benefit.

The secret to success is to define your aims, make a plan and then stick to it. You can enhance your plan by using a simple flow chart to work out how to most efficiently utilise your assets.

When you have completed these essentials we can then examine exactly how you go about operating on the ground.
Our aims are most important because they define the rest of our campaign.

Most people aim too low by saying they want to be a councillor or an MP, but as a member of the British National Party our one and only aim is to create a country which is based upon Nationalism, and specifically for us on British Nationalism.

Consequently your aim is to set up an embryonic British National community within your area of operations.
What is the defining characteristic of British Nationalism?

It is that we care for, nurture and support our own people. We have many wonderful policies such as stopping immigration, leaving the EU and reforming banking.

These policies though are only aspects of our overall plan. The essence, which we are concerned with here, is what all these great ideas add up to.

All too often we lose sight of the "wood" because we get distracted by individual "trees". The Nationalist "wood" is that we care what happens to our people, our culture and our traditions.

The Nationalist "trees" are our policies such as renationalising privatised public services, leaving the UN and bringing back the death penalty for paedophiles.

Your aim is to create your version of a British National Party administration in your community based upon the major defining factor of Nationalism: that we care enough for our people to actually go out and look after them.

Now we have defined our aim the rest of the task is easier to define. We know that if we can prove to our people that we can deliver on our promises they will vote for us.

We have decided that this course of action offers us the best chance of success.
As a party we have a lot of supporters, a bit of money (but not much by the standards of other political groups) and a good number of activists.

When we go out our aim is to seek out and help the old and vulnerable, raise money from the public to do this with and to attract, train and motivate new members to be activists.

The next article will contain details on how to do this, how to organise your area and what tactics to use to take control of the social-political elements within every ward of every constituency within your area of influence.

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