Grab Both Horns & Create Your British National Party Government In Waiting.

Mon, 01/04/2013 - 06:00
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By Nathaniel Greene.
So you have decided to walk the walk rather than talk the talk and set up a real British National Party government in waiting entity in your area?

This decision is the most difficult part of the whole project. The act of moving from reactionary politics (talking about it/leafleting/running street stalls) to pro-active politics (doing it to prove that you are fit to be elected and form a national government).

This will not go down well in some inefficient quarters of the party because this pro-active approach will seriously undermine established fiefdoms based upon years of ineptitude.

All government agents firmly embedded in the party will object. There will be disruption from some surprising quarters.

This article will repeatedly disappear from the website. But if you seriously want a British National Party government this is the only viable option which will lead to that end.

Where to start? If you are working in established territory start in the ward that has given the best election result in the last five years. If you are on virgin territory start on the poorest ward in your area.

Who to start with? Ideally you need 5 people to make up a ward team, but realistically 2 or 3 people are enough to start with. Security suggests that to begin with you should avoid troublesome areas initially if you are below strength.

Remember the rule; discretion is the better part of valour.

What do I need to start working? You need a ward map showing the streets which most councils will give you, along with a "marked" register of voters.

Those marked in the register are people who cast a vote at the last election - people who care enough (for whatever reason) to have their political say.

A collection tin duly sealed with a Save-Our-Selves sticker. A number of postal voter forms. Several membership forms. A few party leaflets.

Three or four carrier bags each with £3 or £4 worth of groceries (tea, biscuits, fruit etc) to hand out to OAPs and to show to everyone else.

Why we are doing it? We have decided that because the countries' national government has failed us, as Nationalists we need to set up an alternative government in waiting.

We decided to set up a caring nurturing environment which as a government we would create.

Our starting point is to set up a caring environment for the elderly and vulnerable in our community which have been abandoned by Westminster.

From this action voters will see that we are worth working with to better their community.
We will be supplying food parcels to OAPs on a weekly basis.

Eventually we will also help OAPs with warm clothing, warm bedding and new heating appliances. We will use our team to spring clean their homes and keep their gardens tidy.

We will sort out their problems with officials in the council or the police. Using this criteria we make our plan of action.
We also want to discover who our supporters are.

We wish to get them to help us by joining the party as a member and then encouraging them through friendship and training to become an activist. Other supporters we wish to sign up for postal votes to ensure that they do vote for us (we can motivate them at election time by canvassing and dropping a leaflet).

From everyone we want donations and to discover where all the OAPs are that we can help. Eventually we will put together a quarterly newsletter to distribute to every household in the ward that we call on.

In disparate country areas this may be every house; in enriched parts of our major cities it may only be half the properties.

As you canvass door to door, and you will always canvass door to door and nothing else, you will keep records against the register of voters of who helps you, who obstructs you, who they vote for if they tell you, what their concerns are, what troubles them, how you have helped them, who has given money to help our OAPs etc.

You are starting out to create an invaluable record of your ward.
As you go you will attract new activists so take them straight out with you gradually expanding your team. When you get to nine activists it is time to choose a new leader and move into the next ward.

The new leader works this ward under the direction of the old leader and when the tenth activist joins the team is split in two. The original team returns to its old ward and the new team and leader establishes itself in the new ward.

And so the process repeats itself, teams grow, appoint a new leader before dividing and establishing a further team in another ward.

In not much time every ward in a constituency has a team of 5 activists.

At every local election we contest every seat.

At every General Election we contest every seat and each prospective parliamentary candidate has a team of perhaps 75 experienced activists to canvass every house in the constituency.

One day we will have 45,000 activists and will take just about every seat in parliament.
"Good evening. I'm collecting donations for the Save Our Selves campaign to help our elderly with food, clothes and practical help.

Would you contribute to help us help the elderly? Or do you know of an OAP who might need help?"

You need to go out FOR an hour every evening, five days a week. Deliver help as you go. Do special projects like cleaning or clearing on Saturdays and Sundays . Be polite at all times. Keep meticulous records. Photograph everything you can. Do short videos of events.

As time goes by you will develop your own style. Be consistent. Plan. Think. Act on information. Don't lecture people. Don't argue. Do smile. Do help our people.

In return one day our nation will be free.

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