Golden Dawn - dangerous extremists or long-overdue national revival? Make up your own mind!

Wed, 23/01/2013 - 14:30
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The controlled media are working overtime to convince the British public that the Greek nationalist Golden Dawn party are the most dangerous political force in Europe. They've even overtaken the BNP in the dehumanisation stakes.

They are accused of violence, hatred and taking advantage of the desperation of ordinary Greeks over the crucifying of their country by the banksters, Eurocrats and their local old party puppets.

Greece is a long way away and, although at the heart of the Christian and and democratic traditions of Europe, it has a very different political culture to ours, As a result we are not in a position to give you an informed judgement on whether Golden Dawn are the best possible thing for Greece, or an organisation that is 'beyond the Pale' and too extreme to do a good job.

We will say no more, other than to note our surprise at the extent to which Golden Dawn's strongly anti-Marxist brand of patriotic socialism is a welcome change from the washed out Thatcherism that some nationalist parties elsewhere in Europe have sort to promote.

What we - unlike the lying controlled media - can do, however, is to give you the chance to study the phenomenon for yourself and make up your own mind.

For this reason, we draw our readers' attention to the Golden Dawn International Newsroom. This simple but striking and informative website is all in good English. For the other side of the story, all you need to do is to look at what the capitalist/leftists/Zionist 'mainstream' media have to say every day.

In addition to regular news items, the website also has a number of permanent features, including the introduction that follows:

The Truth about the Golden Dawn:

Amazingly enough, every time an immigrant gets attacked, the institutional media always manages to report it within minutes, nationally and internationally, and in a desperate attempt to ensure their survival they never forget to promote their anti-Golden Dawn message. But there are things the "benevolent" Mainstream Media are hiding from you. Like, for example, that almost none of those attacks ever happen.

A Pakistani sexually offends the wife of an Albanian outside the Athens University of Economics and Business. Her husbands demands explanations, and anarchists, along with other illegal immigrants, proceed to beat them up and trash their car. The Pakistanis of course, later claim they saw a "knife" and a "Golden Dawn tattoo". The Media reports half the story, and the truth is hosted only in a few news websites.

The story above is one of the many examples of violence between the illegal immigrant societies. The attack happens, the Left parties mindlessly accuse the Golden Dawn and parade through the TV stations, and when the truth is exposed, the story simply vanishes...

What Golden Dawn is about

Every political party in Greece receives funding from the Parliament to cover its costs, the MP bonuses for example, along with the payrolls of the MPs. Golden Dawn is the only party in the parliament with MPs that have surrendered a huge portion of their pay-cheques to the Golden Dawn's Social Treasury. While every MP gets paid around 20.000€ a month, the Social Nationalists have agreed to keep only 2.000€. These money are then spent in the following actions:

Food, clothing, and medicine drives

Amidst the economic crisis, the need of REAL Socialism and solidarity between the members of our Race becomes critical. In a country that has 25% unemployment, we must not eat each other, using the brutal Liberal policies of the EU as an excuse.

Golden Dawn strengthens the unemployed, the sick, the poor, the big families with programs that ease the burden brought by the memorandum. While other parties keep those fat pay-cheques for themselves, or give money to a God-forsaken illegal immigrant society, the Golden Dawn chooses to stand in solidarity with the poor Greeks, and offer as much as possible to ensure their well-being through these tough times. The Socialists and Communists speak of wealth distribution, yet we, the "Far-Right extremists" are the ones to do it...
Greek Blood Bank

A Blood Bank created to fulfill the needs of the completely degraded and neglected hospitals. With the Greek Blood BankProgram, we fulfill a duty to the Race, giving the holiest of our goods to the Greek people.

Militia Guard

The Militia Guard exists to safeguard the Greeks. Patrolling  poor neighborhoods neglected by the Police, being the only protection in protests against the brutal officers of the Riot Control Unit, and helping the citizens face the dangerous daily life of Athens, the Militia Guard is the always there to help the Greeks that have been weakened by the austerity measures

White Women's Front
The White Women's Front exist so that the strong Greek women that mobilize with Golden Dawn can organize themselves effectively.

The Front organizes events to cover the needs of the Greek women, such as breast cancer awareness seminars, ideological conversations regarding Women's duty and place in society and free self-defense lessons (the rapes have increased astronomically due to the immigrant invasion, and it is a well known fact in Greece, that only male Muslims are coming here, with the female ones being extremely rare...) This is available to Greek women only
Green Wing for Racial Humanism and Ecological Consciousness

Our Land is the holiest of goods given to us by our ancestors. For this reason, we must preserve it from the hazards of our age. The Green Wing often organizes cleaning and replanting campaigns, and its members even actively participate in firefights, against the dangers that threaten the beautiful Greek scenery.

Greek Employment Office
The very definition of Capitalism allows massive immigration that drops the wages and increase the Capitalist's profit. And while we have unemployed graduated students with degrees and whatnot, illegal immigrants take up many jobs resulting in a spiral of unemployment. The Greek Employment Office checks for the job availability of the city that it is stationed in. If an employer is giving a job to an illegal immigrant, then they call the authorities for the removal of the illegal worker. They then proceed to fill the new positions with poor and unemployed Greeks.
Labor Front
Our corrupt state seems to be working like clockwork when it is about to sell public property to the highest bidder, but falls short when it must secure the well being of the citizens. The Labor Front exists to fix the problems arising from the daily life in the city.

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