Globalisation is the new colonisation

Fri, 21/09/2012 - 14:00
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By Sheila Spink-Stockport Organiser-Witness the riots in India. Do you know what you are looking at? No one can blame you if you don't because the truth has been hidden from you by the spin, lies and deceit of the governing classes and their media allies.

The small traders in India are protesting about a new law which allows all the major global supermarket chains like Tesco, Walmart and Carrefour to set up shop across their country and therefore put them out of business.

Fair enough you might say but what they see and you don't (and I'm afraid to have to be brutal here) is that the Indian people recognise this action as colonisation but most of you reading this piece in the United Kingdom just don't get it. Why should you? You have not been prepared for it.
Globalisation is the new colonisation.

The theory of Globalism is the new Socialism, only the masters this time are not impractical philosophers like Marx and Engels but the highly efficient ruling elite and their multinational companies who must take over all the world's commerce as the means by which their New World Order will be implemented.

There will be leaders and servants with nothing in between. No middle class means no us.

We, the people who are independent and run small businesses or chose which jobs to do, must be set aside as we spoil the system. Globalisation through colonisation is the means by which this end is achieved.

What is happening in India today will be repeated across the developing world as the global reach of this system cuts across all the societies which have spent the past century fighting for their own independence.

They all see it for the New World Empire that is and so must we. It is time to swallow our imperialistic pride and learn from our former subordinates.

Britain has not been colonized since 1066, or the first century if we go back to the Romans and the overthrow of Celtic Britain.

How many of our indigenous can boast a memory that far back?

Well, all Indian families know tales of the Raj which are passed on to each generation as are the stories of the national liberation movement led by Mahatma Gandhi.

Whatever your view on the British Empire lets all agree that it come to an end because local peoples wanted to run their own affairs and eventually they were competent to do so.

Finally the immigrants understood the need for self determination and handed over the reins of government to a coalition of the indigenous political groups who had won their right to independence.

This is all modern history for the developing world and is rarely spoken of because it is so obvious, to them, that is does not need repeating.

Sensitivity to colonisation is embedded in the DNA of all citizens of the post colonial world and flares up in an instant when any perceived threat to independence emerges.

Self governance is a given nowadays and woe betide any careless expat foreigner who makes a disparaging comment on how life is run locally.

You will be slapped down in the street, or in the supermarket queue for complaining about some local characteristic that is spoiling your day.

Words like, "This is not your country any more, you do not tell us how to live, you do not run our government will be ringing in your boxed ears".

Quite right we say when over there but what about here? Well, we're not there yet are we?

We are about 100 years behind the third world. We do not recognise the act of colonisation we do not feel it in our bones.

We have so little sensitivity to being taken over by imported cultures that we cannot either believe or even see that we are losing our country to any immigrant group who decides to take over a nearby street, shopping area, council or ward or parliamentary constituency for their own country and its people.

Couple this lack of innate awareness with the total intimidation of any individual or organisation who might dare to raise an eyebrow in question of this process and we have the mess we are now in as a country and the complete lack of any means or incentive to fix it.

We the British People must wake up now and we the members of the British National Party must be the ones to spell out to our sleeping fellow citizens exactly what is going on.

We have to be the watchtower of the nationalist movement not just in our own country but in all parts of the world where the locals have won the right to be treated with dignity and respect in their own land.

Well done India; a hundred years ago you began the fight for independence from a great empire.

Now you need to continue the fight for your very survival as the New World Order seeks to take over the legacy left to you by the British. It is yours, claim it, you won it now keep it.

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