The Globalisation Disaster.

Mon, 04/02/2013 - 15:00
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By Nathaniel Greene-Globalisation really started with the success of the Roman Empire, although its roots can be traced back through Persian and Ancient Egyptian influences.

In 100AD rich Roman administrators in Britain would spice up their food with pepper imported from southern India.

In the hot summer months they wore clothes made from Chinese silk. And when they wanted something, they ordered an African slave bought in an Arab slave market, to get it for them.

The real impetus for modern globalization, however, came from the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire in 1453.

When the Muslim hordes finally took Constantinople, the Christian intellectual elite of that city sought refuge across Europe.

This influx of modern free thinkers spurred the Renaissance into being, which in turn induced a questioning search amongst Western Europeans to expand horizons. The over land route to the east was now closed to us by this barbaric horde of culturally backward 7th century style pirates, consequently expansion over the oceans to the west and south was the inevitable result.

Explorers from Portugal, Spain and England sailed across the Atlantic establishing colonies in the new worlds and introducing the concepts of migration by sea, colonization as well as the cross fertilization of culture, flora and fauna with devastating effect.
Catastrophic disasters followed, whole peoples died in epidemics and mass slaughter, animal species were eliminated and vegetation destroyed.

Despite all these documented catastrophes still the greedy world dictators and directors of Global Greed Inc have not learned that globalisation is the greatest destroyer of indigenous societies, culture and happiness.

For example the arrival and exploitation of tobacco in Virginia sparked a global consumer craze and within a few decades the whole world was addicted to nicotine.

Vast numbers of people die an agonizing death as a result and fortunes are consumed providing medical care for sufferers. Wonderful for the profits of the global rich but disastrous for the health and happiness of the people.
The Chinese empire wisely followed a policy of isolationist self sufficiency.

Spaniards and their silver, however, proved too tempting. The Spaniards wanted foodstuffs, notably sweet potatoes and maize, which the Chinese planted on an enormous scale on land unsuitable for these sort of crops. The result was deforestation of vast areas ending in flooding and the destruction of thousands of villages.

Potato tubers were imported into Europe from South America which proved a welcome addition do our diets. This fast growing vegetable easily succumbed to disease and whole nations were devastated by starvation when this prolific and easy to grow crop failed.
Immigration introduced health problems.

Small pox destroyed many indigenous peoples in North America. Malaria and yellow fever rapidly spread, and tuberculosis, once eradicated from Europe has been reintroduced by recent African immigrants.

Stray seeds, worms and insects found temporary homes in the holds of ocean crossing ships and irrevocably altered all alien environments they chanced upon.

Today international jets, long distance trucks and coaches are crammed full of stray immigrants bringing with them alien and unwanted religions, philosophies and criminality.

The proprietors of Global Greed Inc and their puppets the gullible political elite remorselessly promote multiculturalism. Our culture and children's future is being sacrificed for the excessive profits of the global rich.

If we want to live a life untrammelled by greed and untarnished by alien cultures, we need to put a stop to the Global Murder Club promoted by our political Quislings that do the bidding of the rich and powerful rather than their electorate.

Only by protecting our borders, reinvesting our profits within the nation's infrastructures and promoting British culture, will we be able to provide a safe and secure future for our children.

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