Giving Real Purpose To Our Lives

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 14:00
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Young people of course need idealism and something that gives their lives a purpose. Our party can best appeal to the young by providing a purpose based on the natural order.

We are surrounded by lost people who need meaning in their lives – a sense of meaning that makes them feel they have a role to play in society.

Young men now wonder what their purpose is as a male, when before they were assured of being a bread-winner and a father.

Our young women are taking on the burden of expecting to “have it all” and find it too difficult to have children or find the right partner. This is an inversion of the natural order.

The answer is that under the guise of false religion and ideology we have lost our contact with the natural world.
While the young should organically vastly outnumber the old we have a reversed pyramid where there are more grandparents than grandchildren; more dogs than children.

We have an epidemic of substance abuse, sexual deviancy and crime.
Any “spiritual” sense of meaning should stem from the understanding of one’s place in reality and a fearless respect for truth, rather than be a delusional crutch to avoid reality.

We need to make good in this world rather than dream of the next.
Nature is on our side but we need to tread in the right places if we are to avoid losing our way.

Nature provides every living thing with purpose – because everything has been painstakingly adapted by natural selection to fit in.
Natural Selection simply adapts things by a process of the genetically successful outnumbering those who fail to make more copies of their kind.

It is a process of subtraction, taking away, which works in the same way that a sculpture is created by chipping away at a block of marble. A defined product results – but there is no need for a designer in natural selection.

Designed selection is called “artificial selection” and it is how humans managed to breed various useful livestock, dog breeds and so on.
An example of natural selection is when a species finds its climate has entered a colder phase.

Apart from the option of migration, this condition would allow any mutations present for warm fur to help the survival and reproductive chances of those animals that have the relevant mutated gene.

They would in time replace the less furry predecessor as that type dies out.
Our purpose should follow nature’s path and aim to be reproductively successful, while using our conscious minds together with our instincts to make a society and a world that works in harmony with nature and allows life to continue.

A racial characteristic of our folk is that we have the cohesiveness to work well as a team, helping each other and creating beautiful art and amazing technology. This gives us a glow of pride from our achievement.

But we have lost our way as we find ourselves increasingly surrounded by competitor peoples replacing us and taking away our identity and purpose.

The work ethic is one example of an aspect of purpose that has all but been lost. Why is it good to work? It is good to work because it enables us to live in harmony with nature as we secure the future of our kin and nation.

There is nothing ethically admirable in working to enrich anyone who is not part of our indigenous group, or in working just for yourself as an individual without a sense of wider responsibility.

“Feminism is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

The sense of purpose regarding the challenge to find a husband or wife, and to raise a family is one of the most basic human urges.

This has now been driven into the ground as family values are scoffed at and even called immoral.
Marxist deconstruction has bamboozled our people into thinking the burgeoning 3rd world and our financial sacrifices for the multiracial global village mean that intelligent people should not have their own children.

The deconstruction has also merged with a radical individualism that pervades the new “conservatism” and “right wing” that putting an alien “ultra capitalism” before the wealth that we have in our own flesh and blood. Money is considered the mark of worth and its acquisition becomes the only approved purpose.

If people are not valued for blood (relatedness) then they become valued for money.
This immediately creates a heartless mentality in which the “purpose” could not be more shallow and in which people could never understand their worth as human beings beyond what material wealth they can produce.

The nations with the strongest racial identity have always had the keenest sense of purpose – for each member of that nation. Their identity depends on a willingness of each individual to sacrifice him or herself for the folk in a show of generosity and bravery.

The British National Party can provide a warm welcome from the cold isolation of individualism and the destructive purposeless lives of decadence that the sad people outside fall victim to.

One day we will take our country back.

Hail Victory Day!

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