German Mayor speaks out

Mon, 04/03/2013 - 06:00
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By Northernscot-Coming to a neighbourhood near you or even next door thanks to the EU
“They leave rubbish mountains taller than I am”: Left-wing German mayor’s view of Romanian and Bulgarians blighting his town, as crime wave soars.

Some might feel that we have ill feeling towards the masses of Romanian and Bulgarians that are heading to Scotland and the rest of the UK this coming October.

Basically, Britain is rapidly filling up to the point of an unsustainable population size.

Thanks to a near open door policy, the flood of peoples from Africa and Islamic countries and Eastern Europe, means Britain is creaking at the seams.

We simply cannot take anymore; it’s as simple as that. The extreme far-left who seem happy with the levels of mass welfare/economic immigration into Britain, may be shocked to know that a left-wing German Mayor is seemingly joining what the Scottish British National Party have been saying for a while now.

That allowing floods of poor Romanians and Bulgarians will cause nothing but strife and crime waves.

In the fair town of Duisburg, Soeren Link, the towns Mayor has had enough and broken rank from the left-wing dogma of red carpet welcomes for Eastern European mass immigration.

He has hit out on the mountains of rubbish left in streets and housing complexes, of rising crime since the Romanians and Bulgarian poor have swamped his town. He has spoken out about the Roma child street stealing gangs and warns about social unrest towards the welfare/economic immigrants.

Usually this kind of talk is expected from Patriotic Nationalist organisations deeply worried that their country is being destroyed by such likes.

This Mayor now backs up that, which we believe will soon to appear in a neighbourhood near you or in fact next door.

The Mayor tells of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants causing havoc, committing crimes, rising prostitution and costing his authority £15 million a year to house, feed and police.

Don’t worry people of Scotland; you too may have the chance to foot such a bill from your taxes from October 2013. The Mayor remarked that whoever thought the problem would go away was “misty eyed.

We didn’t ask for this problem and we can’t handle it alone.”
His outspoken stance has won him the praise from ethnic Germans who are fed up with their government’s unwillingness to deal with the problem.

It appears in Germany that ethnic Germans are starting to speak out and good for them. Unlike in Britain and Scotland, where if you speak out against mass welfare/economic immigration you stand the risk of the extreme far-left name calling of racist, the usual worn out slur.

A Report from the German Association of Cities earlier this month pointed out that some Roma families have up to ten children and are receiving payments for each of them from the state.

Police in several German towns report on organised Romanian crime gangs where children and women are sent out each morning with specific instruction where to steal from.

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