Gay Marriage in France

Wed, 08/05/2013 - 11:00
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By Imnokuffar-This article concerns an event on April 22, the day before a vote in the French National Assembly. It describes the frantic effort by the media to discredit the opponents of Taubira's law and to falsify information about the demonstrations.

For those of you that don’t know, Taurbira’s law is to enforce gay marriage that has provoked massive demonstrations against it all over France.

I had never seen until now such a mobilisation by the media against popular sentiment.

There had been such mobilisations, but only against the Front National, against Jean-Marie Le Pen, to be exact.

Not to this degree of frenzy. Because I had never seen until now the world of the media, its lobbies and its counselors, abandon to such an extent their reason, and give themselves over to attacks as hideous as these.

The hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, for the most part apolitical, are now treated as Nazis, and their demonstrations as the "worst homophobia", etc… Of course, they are seditious, with no respect for democracy or Parliament or the Republic, etc…
However the overwhelming majority of the French who demonstrated against this were just normal and concerned people who objected to this law.

All the successive declarations of the "Gazeur-in-Chief" at la place Beauvau are also copies of declarations made by the leaders of popular democracies, notably on the eve of the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Only even more absurd. Because those leaders were defending a system that was collapsing, while Manuel Valls is posing as the spokesman for a handful of subversive sodomites seeking to dynamite the natural order (when the great majority of homosexuals just want to be left in peace.)

Note: The "Gazeur-in-Chief" is Interior Minister Manuel Valls who has used tear gas repeatedly on the demonstrators.

It's almost impossible to render the phrase in English.

La place Beauvau is the Ministry of the Interior. Not only are homosexuals a minority, but those who forced this bill through Parliament are an even smaller minority.

And lies are flourishing in the most shameful way, in all their forms, with manipulation not only of numbers, but of images.
And last week they showed us the two demonstrations (of April 21) as if they were equivalent, with the same number of demonstrators in the photos, when, in truth, there were fifteen or twenty times more people against the sabotage of marriage, and it was just one demonstration among others, a sort of intermediary demonstration between two big demonstrations, with permanent "vigils" and “welcoming committees” for the ministers…

While the partisans of Taubira's law are obviously incapable of bringing together more than a few thousand persons every three months, despite the enormous and gigantic support they receive, thus confirming that they are an ultra-minority.

Note: A small group of pro-gay marriage supporters demonstrated on April 21.

The anti-gay marriage demonstrators totaled about 270,000.
The "welcoming committees" mentioned above refer to groups of demonstrators carrying signs and banners who show up all over France to “greet” ministers as they arrive at their destination.
What we see clearly are the people of France face to face with the little world of the media and its lobbies, face to face with a dictatorship that is clinging more and more hysterically to its political-media-police controls.

Every time one of the representatives of the dictatorship denounces the terrifying "homophobia" of the French people who dare to demonstrate against a law of so called equality, he shows that he is living in another world, that he is a member of the nomenclature cut off from the people.

Let him go, just once, into a café in the provinces at happy hour… There, he will see, not homophobia, but the common sense of the people. Most French people do not like this, it is bloody obvious.

But the ruling elites seem not to care.
And it is precisely an insurrection of common sense that we are witnessing.

Common sense that says, that has always said since the origin of the world, that marriage is between a man and a woman in order to have children, and that it is sacred because it is the very foundation of society, of all human society.

These morons want to denaturise this founding principle and have them adopting children and promoting homosexuality. Is this fair to the kids?

No it is NOT . Also the social and psychological effects of this like being bullied at school because your mother and mother or father and farther are of this ilk is also not fair.

Are they seriously trying to tell me that this will have absolutely no effect in the way a child views sexuality? If they are they are bloody liars or have some other motive that I cannot fathom.

There are also five million Muslims in France some of who will take great and violent exception to this. The elites will have provoked this, not the ordinary French people.

We cannot but wish for the continuation, growth and victory of this insurrection.
And to say so is not Homophobia as there will be generated a backlash against gay people because of this.

The sensible gay people will just carry on with their lives and a large proportion of them want nothing to do with this insanity.
This is great for the Front National !!!!!!!

But not for the Anarchists, Communists and other assorted riff-raff.
Not for Hollande or any of his cronies.

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