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Fri, 22/03/2013 - 18:00
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Money Taken from Poor People in Rich Countries and Given to Rich People in Poor Countries!

By Powys and Imnokuffar-When we think of foreign aid we are encouraged by the media, Non-Governmental Organisations, (NGOs), charities and governments to believe that our government is sending emergency help to nations who have suffered some kind of natural disaster or who are having societal difficulties of one sort of another.

However, it is not only governments that help; moreover, natural disasters are far from being the only reason for extending help.

It is important to focus on governmental assistance because without doubt that type of help dwarfs the help issued by NGO’s or churches etc.

One estimate is that Governmental Aid worldwide to only Africa is 70 billion dollars p.a.

I could find no estimates for the amount of worldwide funding but it is obviously massive and beyond the comprehension of ordinary people like me.

Remember this does not include Live Aid and other charitable activities. Once again I attempted to find out worldwide totals but no such figures exist in a reliable format.

A guess would be that the figure is 10% of the governmental aid given to Africa or $7 billion. In the first instance, governmental aid is administered by NGOs who are renowned for incompetence and large chunks are also given directly to governments.

Bob Geldof once described these NGOs activities as a ‘Perversion of the act of human kindness’.

Charities tend to have both volunteers and paid staff and are not the subject of this article.

So how do governments see Foreign Aid?

I believe that most of them see such aid as ‘the voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another’. They assume moreover that the aid will always benefit the receiving nation.

Can we even see in governmental foreign aid any consistent spirit of charity or altruism? I do not believe that it falls under either of those two concepts because if government (the collective) does help other countries, it is definitely not the same thing as if individuals were voluntarily helping others and motivated only by love of one’s fellow man, or, by a spirit of self-sacrifice.

The following list summarizes why governments may get involved in spending a nation’s tax resources on foreign aid and one can immediately see that only one of those reasons are genuinely connected with brotherly love.

1. To signal approval of a foreign nation’s behaviour.
2. To strengthen an ally.
3. To gain commercial access.
4. To reinforce alliances.
5. To test military equipment or tactics.
6. To prevent unstable political events from deteriorating.
7. To help with short-term disasters, e.g., floods, earthquakes, famine etc

It is worth noting that where governments cannot find a convenient excuse to give our money away, they typically fall back on the justification of it ‘being in the national interest.’

All of this begs the question as to why the Cameron government is spending so much of our money on nations to whom we are neither financially nor legally accountable.

In some cases countries, where the governments are intrinsically corrupt, have a hatred of us and politically/ morally bankrupt. So where is all of the money being directed ?

A sixth of the money spent by the Department for International Development (DfID) goes straight to the European Union’s aid programme.

The EU spends about half its aid budget of £10 billion on middle and higher income countries - even though Britain believes those countries are too wealthy to merit support, whilst at the same time aiding South Africa: whose president is spending £17.5 million on an upgrade of his house.

This is a rich country racked by poverty, governmental corruption and unemployment, where the police routinely shoot people, both black and white, and, where white farmers have been killed alongside their families in the most appalling ways: 400 since the end of apartheid!

Regardless of all this, our government still gives it £19 million in Foreign Aid. Almost unbelievably, Brussels has committed £30 million to 22 aid projects in China, a country with almost 150 billionaires, despite DfID closing its Chinese aid programme over a year ago.

Here are a few more examples:

Brazil, which will spend £9 billion on the Olympics in 2016, received more than £10 million in European aid for schemes such as including £660,000 spent on the ‘social integration of women living in fishing communities ;’ and, £120,000 on the 'integration of indigenous city dwellers.’

Russia, with more than 100 billionaires, was given £40 million, including £240,000 for an arts project in St Petersburg. The results of the project entitled: ‘listening to Architecture: Composing Spaces’ will be presented at the St Petersburg Architectural Biennale in 2013 and at a conference at the Hermitage Museum in 2014.

Iceland receives about £4.2 million including £400,000 for a scheme to promote tourism in Katla national park; while Georgia is earmarked for £80 million, including £400,000 for a mayoral project in Tbilisi: which gives the capital responsibility for organising ‘Sustainable Energy days’.

Outside of Europe, Argentina, one of the G20 major economies and whose relations with the UK remain strained over the Falklands, was earmarked for £9.5 million in aid.

Thailand gets funding for 22 projects, totalling £13 million, including £360,000 for the ‘Holistic Approach of Public Partnership for Environment’ - a project that promotes social cohesion in Chiang Mai.

Kazakhstan, which is ruled by an autocrat and which has huge stocks of oil and gas, also receives EU aid including £100,000 spent on a ‘human rights seminar’ in the former capital Almaty.

This is just a brief sample of how some of the £12 BILLION per annum is being spent. I bet many of our members have come across even worse examples.

This money is given whilst our armed forces are being cut -- as are benefits -- while poverty within OUR nation is increasing. Mealy-mouth Cameron and Labour/Lib Dims tell us this giving is morally right because ‘we’ made a promise.

Well I cannot remember promising to give our money away to stupid causes whilst my countrymen and women suffer!!!!! And to forestall criticism that I am some sort of scrooge I do give money to charities, but only British Charities.

I also worked for several charities in the UK in management positions – for not much money. At this juncture I should add that similarly to other charitable giving by the British population there are also no reliable figures for overall aid to foreign countries.

I cannot even find reliable estimates! If one of us knows please tell me as all I get is a bunch of bullshit.

The general weasel answer given by the government as to why we give this money is connected to the fact that our governments have signed treaties to international organizations (such as the UN) that now bind our government to spend 0.7% of our GDP on foreign aid of varying kinds.

What is interesting about committing to such a concrete number is that the UN makes no allowance for the direct effects (involving redistribution of wealth) will have on the nation doing the giving, and, neither does it recognize the economic dangers of using scarce wealth in an imprudent way.

The UN also does not acknowledge that there is something morally wrong about forcing people to pay taxes only to have them spent on peoples who already have plenty of dosh, but whose governments spend it on themselves and on corrupt projects so they can line their own pockets.

A lot of them do not give a damn about their own people so putting it bluntly and uncharitably, we clearly need to re-think our position. It is also interesting to note that quite a lot of countries who made the 0.7% promise, including Germany, have yet to reach this target and they are far richer than Britain.

Obviously we cannot outline all of the details concerning the rampant corruption of some NGO’s, or, their amateurism and stupidity.

However, here is an interesting quotation by Godifri Mutindi (Learning Advisor & Consultant): ‘The agency theory shows that people naturally chase their own [interests], rather than other peoples’, or even the group objectives.

Going back to traditional Africa, the community welfare system, which was to take care of orphans, was abused. Philanthropists take advantage of this goodwill from the public—that they are people who want to improve the marginalised’s welfare and chase their own interests.

History has shown that even religious movements (those who are supposed to be the greatest philanthropists) and the socialist governments are very corrupt.

When there is little accountability and transparency, especially in Africa, this is a recipe for disaster.

Poverty is big business all over the world, not only in Africa.

In this big business, where billions are poured by donors and bilateral partners, governments (through well-connected officials) and NGOs (including international ones) have a big party.

Are these entities, (those which abuse and enjoy poverty-related resources) particularly interested in solving the real problems -- poverty, ignorance and discrimination?’

As nationalists we must always be prepared to challenge such nonsense as outlined above. We must not allow our governments to arrogantly assume that they have the ‘right’ to spend tax money in any country except our own (or our overseas territories.)

If individuals wish to give money to foreign causes, that is their prerogative, but tax monies are clearly in a very different category.

After all, if I wish to destroy myself by giving away all my resources, that is my concern, and MY business, but if the government wishes to destroy me by taxing in ways that I do not approve, then it is clearly time to remove that government – or hold a referendum on the issue!

How do we know what level of foreign aid is affordable and at what point the transfer of wealth becomes suicidal?

We DON’T know the answer to that question and I believe that any amount levied by governments in a continual way is in fact dangerous to our financial well-being.

We are in fact borrowing the money that is being sent overseas and to me that is almost a definition of insanity. So what is really going on here when our elected governments assume that it is right and proper to transfer our national wealth to unconnected foreign nations?

I am sure that they would piously tell us that they command the moral high ground and that as Christians/non Christians we are morally bound to help our neighbours.

What should be apparent however is that governments, i.e., a collective entity, cannot be Christians, since only individuals can make such a commitment.

Governments are simply there to act on our behalf; while agreeing moreover to be constrained by the constitution, our laws and their oath of office.

What all of you should understand is that because all of our governments are ‘progressive’ in nature, they actually believe that the world is made up of ONE people and that the nation-State is a dangerous and archaic organization that has clearly outlived its usefulness!

It follows from such thinking that the principles of groupings such as Common Purpose, The Fabian League, The Bilderberg Club, and the Socialist International, are their common guides as to the sharing of national wealth.

They have in fact taken the idea of internal national wealth-transfer and used it to justify their plans to transfer wealth internationally.

Patriots, it is socialist utopianism at its worst and if allowed to continue it WILL destroy what we think of as British freedom and individualism – but not before it has destroyed our economy and reduced us all to 3rd world standards of living.

The unwelcome invasion and support of third world people into our country is also another form of charity – and one with which we will deal in another article.

This however has the capacity to put the final nail in the coffin as the aid is in the form of benefits, schooling, healthcare, social security and other mediums of exchange that most of these people have never paid a penny for.

But we have paid!!!

The only party that opposes this corruption and insanity is the BNP – JOIN US before it is too late.

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