Flying the flag for Britain..but which one?

Wed, 25/07/2012 - 06:00
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As Olympic officials clamp down hard on traders selling anything they haven't approved, it's revealed that what IS for sale by their own shop is hardly British! An exclusive report for the British National Party by David Thomson.

Lord Coe is asking the media to stop knocking the Olympics. I think after all the hard work and money spent on our behalf he might have a point.

It is now the time to reap the rewards. So today, I am doing my bit. I want to tell you about all the items for sale commemorating this wonderful occasion.

Thanks to strict control you won't find them just anywhere so it's important I mention their official shop where you can buy all these goodies.

This is the moment to be patriotic and back Britain.
But now the bad news.

Much as I am sure you'd like to back Britain, you'd be hard pushed to find any items out of the literally hundreds on sale that are actually made in Britain.

They are sure to sell a lot of pin badges. There's a wide selection on offer. ALL 141 pin badges though are made in China including Union Jack logos!

ALL its key fobs are made there too, including ones featuring the London Routemaster bus, London taxi, Concorde, and the Olympic Stadium itself.

Even the miniature Olympic torch is made in China.
The photo frames are made in...You guessed it. As well as all the towels. And the mugs.

Let's not forget that typical British image: the bobby. Surely figurines of such an iconic figure couldn't possibly be made anywhere else but here? Wrong. Perhaps if they were, they'd actually look like British police officers anyway.

Oh, and you can buy models of the Routemaster bus itself, but they, like the other models, are made in China.
Cheer up, you could go to bed every night knowing you are truly patriotic, under a London Games duvet cover, er, made in China.

The cushions are the exception. They're made in India. Everything offered for the kitchen too is made in China, including the good old Union Jack tea towel.

You've heard all the hype about the Olympics encouraging our youth to take more interest in sport? So why not buy your kids something start them on their way? Like a gym bag? Or a football - perhaps one emblazoned with our flag and Team GB? Nope. They're all made in China.

Of-course, the English weather can be unpredictable, and while at the games it might be wise to invest in something truly British: a brolly. How about one made in...China? Or to keep your head warm, a team cap? Well, at least those aren't made in China. No, they come from Turkey.

And to keep your drink handy you need a flask made out of something truly British - Sheffield stainless steel. Gosh, my father who used to work in the Tinsley steel works would have been proud of this moment. Well, actually no. Unfortunately, this one comes from China.

Never mind. Enjoy watching the action using your Chinese binoculars costing just 449 pounds.
Clothing comes courtesy of Vietnam, Cambodia, and fact everywhere except Britain.

Still, you can't go wrong with a pair of socks can you? Oh, no, even they are made in Turkey. But wait, one supplier IS in the EU: Greece, from where all the jewellery is being supplied.

Ah well, at least it'll improve their cash flow a bit. A few bits were on offer from Britain, but last time I looked they were withdrawn.
Only just a few of the items on sale are made in the UK.

However, most of those are ones that couldn't be made elsewhere because of licensing issues such as stamps, coins and old prints. Take heart though that one range of British products is on sale: teddy bears. So you see, we still can make things.

Quite clearly there will be hardly anything in these Olympics for British manufacturers and contradicts Lord Coe's claim it would increase British trade.

It is interesting that after a massive seizure of "fake" Olympic flags from China, officials said "the fake goods themselves are likely to be of inferior quality and not meet the stringent safety and sustainability standards that all official products must meet.”

It's good to know we are being protected against all these inferior Chinese knock offs, isn't it? So, come on, we're all in this together.

Let's fly the China flag for Britain. Oh, and the ones for Turkey, Greece, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Cambodia.

I'd offer you the Union Jack, but it's still on order from Bangladesh.

At the time of publication there was no comment from the Organising Committee

Since writing this piece the Daily Mail has failed to publish any of several comments I posted revealing the truth about this shop. Today, they have even published a whole article about how the Olympic audience was replaced by all kinds of imagery on television. They boast in great detail about this fantastic and very complicated technique.

What they fail to mention however is that the idea, all the equipment, and complete installation came entirely from a....Chinese company. And so the flag keeps on flying.

The Chinese flag. Messrs Coe and Cameron's favourite. I should also add that the Olympic Press office never got back to me to explain why hardly any British goods are for sale. 

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