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Sat, 06/10/2012 - 08:50
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Nick Griffin explains launch of the new civil liberties initiative, Shieldwall.
Britain’s slide into Politically Correct police state is getting worse by the day.

Last month alone saw nine patriotic activists ground through the ‘legal’ persecution mill.

73-year-old Margaret Walker was hit with a permanent ASBO and a £5,000 costs bill for writing a politically incorrect letter about Muslim groomers to politicians.

Mike Coleman was given an 8 month prison sentence merely for describing rioters in London as 'darkies'.

Sean Witheridge was arrested, his computer seized, and threatened with prosecution over an alleged posting on a Facebook page seen only by a handful of people.

And six patriots on Merseyside were arrested - on top of one already jailed for 6 months - as a result of a scuffle with far left thugs whose own violent assaults on nationalists are ignored receive a legal caress on the wrist.

This rapid upsurge in politically motivated repression of peaceful activism and natural self-defence against state-sponsored Marxist thuggery demands a positive, intelligent response from British nationalists.

So now one has been launched.
It is called Shieldwall - the Nationalist Welfare Association.

Shieldwall is a political and civil rights legal defence group. The aim of Shieldwall is to help active patriots avoid legal problems where possible, walk free from court if push comes to shove, and come through any sentence unbowed if the worst comes to the worst.
Shieldwall- NWA’s very first initiative is the production of a comprehensive handbook of advice of what to do if arrested.
“While the booklet is intended mainly to inform and protect nationalist activists, the sad fact is that, in today’s oppressive PC Britain, literally anyone can find themselves up against some cynical ‘ethnic’ playing the race card,”

Nick Griffin tells us.
“So the booklet ‘Arrested! What you need to know to walk free’ is vital reading not just for militant activists, but for every member of our community.

That’s why we’ve put so much work into it over the last few weeks. I hope that everyone will understand why it is such an important and timely publication.”

In a dedicated broadcast on World at Eight, Mr. Griffin gave a glimpse of the expertise behind the booklet, which is available online for free download:
“ 'Arrested! What you need to know to walk free' is a joint work by a group of us who have personal experience of suffering and resisting state persecution for our beliefs and peaceful campaigning.

We have included advice from a practicing solicitor, two law graduates, British nationalist activists all over the UK, a former Ulster loyalist POW (who had no compunction in learning from the other side in that conflict) and top members of several 1980s football firms.

Nearly all of us have been arrested, questioned and prosecuted several times.

So, you see, we know what we're talking about!”
“Let me make it crystal clear,” says Mr. Griffin. “We have not produced this anti-interrogation manual, as some Establishment hack is sure to allege, because we are 'going underground' or 'preparing for terrorism'. Despite the unfairness of their rigged electoral system, we remain committed to the democratic electoral road.

Despite the violence and persecution they throw at us, we remain committed to peaceful direct action and positive work on behalf of our communities.

“We are not turning from dissent to illegality, but merely responding to the State's moves to criminalise our legitimate and peaceful activism.”

You can download your own copy of ‘Arrested!’ HERE

And you can find out more about Shieldwall – NWA, by logging on to

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