Extortion and exploitation

Thu, 28/02/2013 - 11:00
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By Austen Davies-Did you ever notice the way ‘Global Warming’ became ‘Climate Change’ and wonder “Why”?

You’re forgiven if you didn’t – because it happened without any fuss or explanation whatsoever, and it happened at the behest of powerful people who, as powerful people invariably do, have their own agenda to work from.

And as always seems to be the case that agenda involves all the extortion and exploitation so beloved of our ‘ruling classes’ – although not so beloved by the poor beggars at the mucky end of the said ‘extortion and exploitation’, i.e. us down here in the real-world.

The Global Warming / Climate Change Industry (and I select the noun carefully) is nothing but a series of state-sponsored lies designed with but one objective – to provide Governments with taxation opportunities.

Which it does extremely efficiently – as we observe every time we put fuel into our cars, or pay our electricity bill.

And it’s going to get much, much worse.
But for the moment let’s just take a quick look at some of the Climate Change ‘facts’ – and the fallacies they are based on:

First and foremost is the timescale the LibLabCon-Artists use to illustrate their conclusions, as they seek to convince us that the consequence of our continuing to use a petrol lawn-mower to cut our grass is for Surrey to be officially re-classified as a ‘desert region’ by a week on Friday!

We are constantly bombarded with statistical mis-information that ends “. . . since records began”. Always ‘the wettest’, ‘hottest’, ‘windiest’ – since records began – and it’s all because of carbon dioxide (CO2).

But some of these ‘records’ didn’t begin until 1979 – our poor old planet has been going about the business of sustaining life for 8.5 billion years!

Whether or not this year is the warmest in the 35 years under examination is akin to saying that there ‘hasn’t been a Tuesday since last week’; factual – but entirely pointless.

8.5 billion years is a period of time we simply cannot come to terms with (principally because we think of 70 years as being a lifetime), but, to put it into a context we can cope with, were you to start counting to 8.5 billion at the rate of 2 counts per second it would take you 135 years to finish – and no breaks for a ‘cuppa’ either!

There has always been climate-change – it did not start in 1979, 1879 or in the ‘Year Zero’ for that matter. At different times in its history (only a few thousand years apart) Britain was a tropical swamp land – and was buried under many miles of ice and snow. And now it’s as it is – and our lawn-mowers won’t make a ha’peth of difference to it!

But the timescale factor is only there to muddy things up a bit – the Big Con is ‘Carbon Emissions’ itself.
I’m not an expert in anything – so I am not going to pronounce carbon dioxide emissions to be good, bad or indifferent; I do not know which, if any, is the case.

What I do know, however, is that the United Kingdom is only responsible for 2% of what Man produces World-wide - and that if UK Plc shut down today and everyone ceased so much as breathing the resultant ‘saving’ on CO2 will have been cancelled-out by increased Chinese and Indian activity by Christmas.

One statistic routinely concealed by those who seek to confound us with carbon-dioxide mis-information concerns the proportion of the stuff that Man is actually responsible for; the very top-end of scientific opinion puts it an no more than 3.5% of the whole (and the lower-end considerably less than that).

Old Mother Earth makes the rest of it - all by her self.
Yet there is far more to the Climate Change Industry than the current, obscene levels of taxation – like the ugly, obtrusive and hopelessly inefficient wind-turbines that blight our land; a blight that has cost every man, woman and child in this Country £15,000.00 in subsidies alone.

And the aforementioned ruling classes that are trousering vast amounts of cash for their part in our betrayal.

I intend to reveal a few unsavoury facts about some very unpleasant people very soon – just watch this space!

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