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By Waerloga-I would like to take up the banner raised by Mike Whitby in his excellent recent article “Britain Is In A Right Mess!”

As Mike quite rightly states: “There’s no point in complaining that the party has not done this or that, if you didn’t bother to put that policy forward… What would you really like to see as part of our party policy?”

I have a policy suggestion that I would like to put forward for the consideration of all members and supporters.

I believe this policy is extremely important for more than one reason, and it has so far not been given any organised direction AS a policy, although it has been featured in articles and discussed here and there.

First, let me mention that there are 2 very important functions which a political party must fulfil.

The most conspicuous is to define what they would do if elected to power, and this is set out in detailed form in a manifesto.

The second function is to act as an opposition party all the time any other party is in power.

In politics, being a party which mounts a well organised opposition can provide a route to electoral success by exposing the inadequacies and conceits of the party in government and by “waving a banner” of unfulfilled government measures, ministerial dishonesty and political sleight-of-hand – in short, by publicising the failings of governing parties, local councils and individual officials.

More than that, by channelling public pressure into popular party campaigns aimed at exposing and correcting the crimes, twisted dealings, constitutional outrages, anti-British legislation and fraudulent law-giving committed by a government in power, an opposition party can actually begin, even if in a small way, to have a wholesome effect upon the well-being of the country even before the party comes to power.

The BNP is already beginning to wield and accomplish this kind of wholesome “opposition pressure”, for example by taking a stand against the barbaric Third-World practice of “Halal” butchery which has a “blind eye” turned to its illegality in Britain, and by pushing the soiled “politically correct” administrators and police supervisors of this country into a corner where they have reluctantly been compelled to admit that Islamic paedophile grooming is already endemic thanks to decades of preferential collusion between officials to keep the facts secret from the public, at the cost of innumerable innocent victims.

These, and other healthy pressures upon a corrupt and decaying administration, are signal victories for the British National Party and represent all that is best in mounting a legitimate and campaigning political opposition.

In fact, it is perfectly true to state that the more the authorities of Britain come to hate the BNP, the better job the BNP must be accomplishing!

Having said all this, I would like to give you my particular suggestion for a specific policy that I would like to recommend for inclusion both as a manifesto item but, very importantly, also as a specific “pressure-group” subject that can be advanced by the party with immediate effect, in a similar way to the pressure campaigns already mentioned which are even now producing legitimate inroads to disrupt subversive enemy strategies within government organizations.

What I would like to propose is that the BNP as a party adopts the specific cause of mounting legitimate pressure on government to recognize the English race as the legally identified Indigenous tribal people of England!

It is primarily the government’s refusal to legally acknowledge this single and very obviously correct fact that enables Parliament to enact all the heinous multitude of other anti-British legislative measures which are transforming the native land of our birthright into an alien-ruled foreign empire in which it is fast becoming the case that the greatest crime of all is to be racially English.

In respect of the United Nations guidelines defining an “indigenous people”, there is just one single “politically correct” proviso deliberately included for non-compliant governments to use as a “get-out” clause – and the British government has specifically stated that it will adhere to this “escape clause” in order to ensure that the degrading multiculturalism in Britain will remain absolutely one-sided by ensuring the native British people cannot have legal status as indigenous inhabitants of our own country.

The UN document defining indigenous people is based on Convention 169 originally drawn up by the International Labour Organisation, and a few relevant extracts are all that is necessary to understand our position in England.

Quotations from Convention 169:

“Indigenous communities, peoples and nations are those which, having a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing on those territories, or parts of them.

They form at present non-dominant sectors of society, and are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations their ancestral territories, and their ethnic identity, as the basis of their continued existence as peoples, in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal system.

“On an individual basis, an indigenous person is one who belongs to these indigenous populations through self-identification as indigenous (group consciousness) and is recognized and accepted by these populations as one of its members (acceptance by the group).

“This preserves for these communities the sovereign right and power to decide who belongs to them, without external interference”.

From an examination of this United Nations definition it can be seen that the English race qualifies perfectly to be legally recognized as a rightful indigenous tribal people within England (and, of course, also the Welsh within Wales and the Scots within Scotland).

Except for one single phrase.

“They form at present non-dominant sectors of society…”

This is the single escape-clause that permits our own government to shabbily deny any rightful recognition to the English racial people as being an indigenous native people in our own homeland.

This clause means that the English will only be eligible for legal recognition as indigenous people in England when we are finally outnumbered by foreign immigrants in our own country.

When that day comes – and it is estimated to be only some 50 years or so in the future, perhaps even less – the English race will then form “a non-dominant sector of society” in England and will then qualify as being an indigenous people – when it is too late to stop the rot!

This situation is highly pleasing and useful to British governments, whether Tory or Labour.

For example, when pressed on the subject in 2009, the then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated categorically that Convention 169 “…does not apply to the United Kingdom.”

This statement is provably a splendid example of the utter hypocrisy of our British governments, because in 2005 only four years before Gordon Brown gave this draconian pontificating, the government agreed with other European countries a joint statement that committed the European Union to: “…strengthen the mainstreaming of indigenous issues into its work.”

This statement obliges the European Union and its individual member states to “...regularly meet representatives of Indigenous groups to discuss policies and their implementation, as well as making Indigenous groups eligible for funding under EU human rights and democracy programs.”

Thus, in short, Britain, the European Union and the United Nations are committed to supporting and upholding the legal rights of indigenous races and tribal groups – providing they do not comprise a majority in their own countries!

It is this one single sentence and the refusal of British government to recognize the English as an indigenous people which legally permits the present conquest of Britain by the European Parliament and its laws, which are preferentially superimposed over our own country’s law-making processes.

It is this one single sentence and the refusal of British government to recognize the English as an indigenous people which legally permits the present displacement of the indigenous people of Britain by mass foreign immigration and the compulsory superimposing of alien cultures over our own native British cultural institutions and preferences.

Is it just me, or is this UN “Convention” some kind of legal gobbledygook arranged solely for the benefit of governments like ours who don’t want to permit any cause, no matter how righteous, to be given the legal right to interfere with their racist policies of inflicting ultimate genocide-by-replacement upon native European white populations?

Thank you for being patient with me on this so far.

In view of everything I have outlined here, my answer to Mike’s question: “What would you really like to see as part of our party policy?” is this.

I would like to see the BNP formally adopt a policy of commencing and actively supporting a party-backed national pressure campaign similar to those regarding Halal butchery and Islamic Grooming, to:

(A) Have the words “They form at present non-dominant sectors of society” removed from the UN definition of “indigenous people”, particularly when applying this definition within the UK, and:

(B) Have the native English race gain proper legal recognition under British law as the native indigenous population of England.

The BNP quite rightly guides its major policy decisions along democratic lines.

It is only if this proposal receives adequate support that it will be given serious consideration and possibly become a Conference Motion.

If any reader of this article finds themselves agreeing with this proposal, NOW is the time to send a posting replying in support.

A dribble of half-hearted agreement will not be sufficient. A deluge is necessary.

Perhaps such a deluge might be the beginning of bursting the dam which floods our country with a rising tide of foreign cultural invaders and submerges the legal recognition of the indigenous English?

Or shall our complacency contribute to the extinction of the rightful indigenous British people?

It’s up to YOU to decide…

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