EXCLUSIVE interview with a failed "Free Syrian Army" suicide bomber, an Islamist Jordanian of Palestinian origin.

Wed, 19/06/2013 - 18:51
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This man was driving a car suicide bomb when the 3-ton car bomb in front blew up, leaving him unconscious with serious injuries to be captured by the real Syrian army.

When he came too in hospital, the medical staff realised that because he was being well looked after he thought he was in a rebel hospital. It was decided to go along with this, and four months later, his doctor and guards continue to pose as rebels.

Nick Griffin and several other European visitors therefore also had to pose as recently arrived European jihadist volunteers,who had come to see one of the heroes of the struggle to turn Syria into a Salafist/Wahhabi radical Islamist state.

The resulting interview gives an extraordinary insight into the mentality of the rebels who Obama, Cameron and many EU ministers want to arm.

At 3.40 minutes he tells you how the rebels intended to move on from Syria to attack Europe and America.
Since the rebels already have as many AK-47 assault rifles as they need, and training from thousands of US ´advisors´ in Jordan, the only light weapons that could make a difference to the course of the war would be shoulder-launched anti-tank and especially ground-to-air missiles.

Just as 40,000 foreign jihadis like this man have crossed into Syria, mainly from Turkey, it will be just as easy to smuggle arms back in the other direction.

Just as in Afghanistan, every scrap of training and every weapon given to these people can be turned against British troops and civilians in the future.

Listen to this man’s words and ask yourself if it is wise to give such anti-Western, anti-Christian fanatics the power to shoot down not just Syrian army helicopters, but also passenger jets in the skies of Europe?

At 5.20 minutes, he explains that they kill all non-Sunnis now, but that on the establishment of a Sunni Wahhabi theocracy they would give Christians and non-Sunni Muslims the choice to pay the poll tax or convert - or die.

This explains all too clearly why the rebels are so ready to massacre not just captured government soldiers (because even the Sunni ones are regarded as kaffir, on account of fighting for a secular state) but also civilians from other communities, particularly Christians.

It is also clear evidence of the hardline Salafist religious motivation of so many of the rebels. While there are a few ´liberal, democratic´ figureheads among the political elements of the Free Syrian Army, the frontline fighters - the ones who will get the weapons sent from the West - are dominated by men such as this.

At 6.00 minutes, he sings the martyrs song - which is sung by suicide bombers just before they embark on their final murderous journey.

And at 7.30 minutes, he answers Nick Griffin’s final question: "Who is worse, the Christians or the Jews?"

Watch it! See for yourself the truth about the men that Cameron, Hague and Obama want to arm!

And spread the word: Don’t repeat the mistakes of Afghanistan and Libya - no weapons to Islamist fanatics.

Keep us out of foreign wars!

See video

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