Even MORE immigrants on the way!

Fri, 16/11/2012 - 07:00
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By Protectorate-Britain is full up! We all know this. The British National Party has been saying it for years. For a nation whose sustainable population should be around the 16-17 million mark*, the UK is already vastly overpopulated.

In recent years this has led to water shortages in the crowded cities of the South East and in the future will lead to power blackouts and even potential food shortages!

And what do the corrupt traitor-parties in Westminster do about it? Nothing.

Despite endless platitudes about "border controls" and "immigration curbs" they have presided over the greatest number of immigrants to swamp these shores EVER.

And despite the Tories 2010 election pledge to reduce immigration too merely (!) "Tens of thousands", literally hundreds of thousands flood these shores every single month.

And to all those people we met on the Welsh campaign trail who endlessly said "it's not a problem here" we say - it soon will be.

Pull your heads out of the sand and take a look at what's heading your way in 2014 (a mere year away).


There will be no further controls to stop Bulgarian and Romanian migrants coming to the UK from the end of next year, Home Secretary Theresa May admitted.

Mrs May said that from December 2013 there would be nothing to prevent migrants from the two poor eastern European countries coming to Britain.
Both of these countries made the mistake of joining the EU in 2007 but 'strict' controls were put in place preventing their residents moving to the UK and other member states.

Now, if you've been bothered by the hordes of Romanian gypsies, pick-pockets and child beggars that infest many of our inner cities, you may be surprised about the term 'strict controls'.

However, worse is yet to come.
Even these current lax restrictions come to an end in December 2013 and there will then be no further controls to stop migrants from Bulgaria and Romania coming to the UK.

In a display of mind-boggling ignorance, Mrs May said ministers could only now look at what attracted migrants to Britain, such as the NHS and benefits system.

Something else the British National Party has been saying for years!
Speaking to Andrew Marr on the scandal-hit, once worthwhile BBC, Mrs May said:
"I am looking at free movement generally across the EU. Originally it was free movement of workers; it has been extended over the years.

First of all, there is a growing group of countries in the European Union who are very concerned about the abuse of free movement. That is looking particularly at issues like sham marriages, forged documents and so forth, and we are working together to reduce the abuse of free movement.
"I will be looking at transitional controls on Romania and Bulgaria at the end of December 2013.

I will be looking at what we call the pull factors. What is it that attracts people sometimes to come over here to the United Kingdom?

Looking at issues such as benefits and access to the health service and things like that.
"There are no further transitional controls that we can put on.

Transitional controls end in December 2013 but that is where the importance of looking at what it is that is attracting people to come here, in terms of things like our benefits system, and access to the National Health Service, are so important."

The British National Party would leave the EU and put a stop to immigration. A full stop!

We will deport ALL illegal immigrants and increase border controls and staff numbers to ensure that we once again have full command of our national borders.

Just a tiny fraction of the savings from Britain’s current EU contributions of 12.6 Billion would more than cover any extra costs involved.

Britain is already the most over-crowded country in Europe. It is to everyone's benefit that this is reversed.

Only by leaving the EU can Britain put an end to this madness! Only by joining the British National Party can you do your bit to save what's left of Wales and Britain itself!

Join Nick Griffin's campaign for a referendum on EU membership at www.referendumNOW.co.uk

Join the British National Party at www.bnp.org.uk or call 0844 809 4581

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