European Report on Dislike of Islam

Sat, 16/02/2013 - 15:00
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By Imnokuffar-This article is going to concentrate on attitudes in both Europe and the UK to Muslims, using data gleaned from various surveys and articles.

I shall try to be as objective as possible in my use of this data.
France, Britain, and the rest of the Western world are fed up with the creeping Islamisation of their countries orchestrated by left-wing politicians who have forced their citizens to endure millions of barely civilised immigrants from the Muslim world – immigrants who refuse to assimilate and integrate, but prefer, for the most part, to live off the state and abuse the indigenous population and political structures.

A new study has revealed that Islamophobia (anti-Islamism) has become culturally acceptable in the country and that society is shifting its attention from xenophobia to religious bias against Muslims, a local newspaper reported.

“It’s no longer ‘the Turks’ but ‘the Muslims’,” Wilhelm Heitmeyer, head of the institute for research of interdisciplinary conflict and violence at Bielefeld University, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, the paper reported. Research by the Bielefeld University found that Islamophobia has become culturally acceptable in Germany.

Heitmeyer said that the general hostility against foreigners had given way to a growing rejection of Islam in Germany.
Justified bias against Muslims, does not exist only in the so called far-right, he said.

Heitmeyer noted that anti-Muslim sentiments were also present in more left-leaning and centrist circles, appearing throughout the country from the highest echelons of society to the lowest.

The findings of course are not new. An earlier study from Munster University in 2010 found that 66% of western Germans and 74% of eastern Germans had a negative attitude towards Muslims.

A more recent study from the Allensbach Institute suggested that this had not changed over the past two years. Asking German people about Islam, only 22% said they agreed with Germany’s former president Christian Wulff’s statement that Islam, like Christianity, was part of Germany.
Germany has between 3.8 and 4.3 million Muslims, making up some 5% of the total 82 million population, according to government-commissioned studies.

Experts notice that the rising anti-Muslim bias was generally acceptable in German society as freedom of opinion. “Criticism of Islam or Muslims appears acceptable, because it is not seen as classically racist,” Alexander Häusler, neo-Nazi expert from Düsseldorf’s technical university, said.

The obvious reason for this is because Islam is not a race but rather a political ideology masquerading as a religion.
German Muslims have also voiced concern about a growing hostility in “their” country, at the same time as identifying themselves as Turks – somewhat of contradiction that was encouraged by the Turkish Prime Minister.

Germany has been recently gripped by a fierce debate on immigration and integration. In 2009, central banker Thilo Sarrazin sparked a debate on integration after accusing Muslim immigrants of undermining society which is becoming less intelligent because of them.

Chancellor Merkel weighed in, saying that multiculturalism has failed in Germany as did Sarkozy and Cameron. Despite this, they have done absolutely nothing to counter multiculturalism and immigration.

With the growing number of Muslims, distrust of Islam is rising particularly as they tend to have twice as many offspring as indigenous Germans, a pattern that is repeated all across Europe and in the UK.
The cashier at the supermarket wears a headscarf, copies of the Koran are handed out on the streets, and mosques have become part of some cities’ landscapes. Islam appears to be encroaching on life in Germany and that bothers a lot of people.

“For decades, woman fought for equal rights, and we have attained something. And now, women are choosing to wear headscarves. I don’t want that and it scares me,” a university-educated woman from Cologne says. Her attitude is not uncommon. In the long debate over the new Cologne Central Mosque, which will be one of Europe’s largest, fear and distrust of Islam have come to light and are widespread.
Islamism a “real threat.”

Christian Democrat (CDU) politician Wolfgang Bosbach sees a justifiable fear of Islamists who are ready to commit acts of violence. An estimated 40,000 Islamists live in Germany. A significant number of them are prone to violence.

”Those [who are ready to be violent] out of religious motivation, out of religious extremism, are a real threat to security in Germany,” Bosbach said.

Eight foiled and failed terrorist attacks have made it clear that the threat is real in Germany, Bosbach says. Security agents say these people represent a very small group of people – less than 1% of Muslims are Islamists.

But they shape the obviously negative image of Islam and Muslims, which leads to widespread prejudice and fear which can lead to anti-Islamism.

Over a period of ten years, the University of Bielefeld carried out a survey, which dealt with different aspects of attitudes to Islam. The survey showed that the mistrust of Islam is relatively widespread in Germany. Only 19 percent of Germans believe that Islam is compatible with German culture.

"That is the lowest (figure) that we found in Europe," says social psychologist Andreas Zick, who led and evaluated the study.
Some major events have played a role in shaping the overwhelmingly negative image of Islam.

After the September 11 attacks, certain stereotypes and opinions about the attitudes of Muslims, became deeply rooted in society, says Zick. “Even so many years after the terrorist attacks (…), many people still associate Islam or Muslims with terrorism, with Sharia law, with a foreign religion, which doesn’t fit in Germany,” he adds, noting that that is a problem.

“Since the terrorist attack, we have new political movements, which agitate against the alleged threat of Islam and Muslims,” he said.
An example of right-wing parties are “Pro NRW” and “Pro Deutschland,” which have campaigned against the construction of mosques in Cologne and elsewhere with aggressive posters and borderline language.

The message between the lines is clear: Islam is dangerous and there is no place for Muslims in Germany.
Now while this is just Germany, let us look at attitudes prevalent in other western societies that are clearly based the same attitudes, fears and justifiable prejudices.

A new survey by Paris-based Ipsos research company shows that 74% of French respondents believe that Islam is “intolerant” and “incompatible with their social values.”

The survey, published on the Le Monde newspaper website, also showed eight out of 10 French people believe the Islamic religion tries to impose its views on others; 10% believe a majority of Muslims are fundamentalist; and another 44% believe many but not all Muslims are fundamentalist.

Most respondents did not know how to define fundamentalism, however.
Anti-Muslim sentiment is pretty much the same in all Western countries. In a GALLUP global poll, many Muslims report not feeling respected by those in the West.

Significant percentages of several Western countries share this sentiment, saying that the West does not respect Muslim societies. Specifically, 52% of Americans and 48% of Canadians say the West does not respect Muslim societies. Smaller percentages of Italian, French, German, and British respondents agree.

Anti-Muslim sentiment is pretty much the same in all Western countries.
In Italy 28% of people do not respect or trust Muslims, France 30%, Germany 34%, UK 38%, Canada 48%, America 52%.

This of course does not take into account the growing anti-Muslim sentiment in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other European countries.

It basically means one third of the inhabitants of all these countries are to one degree of another distrustful and biased against Islam and regard it as a threat.

This could be because “moderate Islam” is viewed as a deception and that Muslims are viewed as parasites in the societies they invade.

This has also led to rapid expansion of Nationalist parties and the formation of new ones.
In the ten plus years since Islamic jihadists, acting in the name of their god, Allah, murdered almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11/01, daily life in the United States and in Europe has been tremendously altered by such security measures as waiting in long lines to pass through magnetometers before taking airline flights and being subjected to invasive searches.

In view of these remarkable changes in the way we go about our everyday activities, it is amazing that the following question is not asked, discussed, or analyzed at length in public forums:

“What exactly has caused such far-reaching and heretofore unusual infringements on our personal freedoms?”
Of course, the answer is not some nondescript or nebulously “radical” terrorism as is commonly and inaccurately reported in the media and misleadingly alleged by Government; instead it is purposeful jihad by Sharia-allegiant Muslims to subjugate non-Islamic believers under Islamic Sharia law.

Recognition of this fact may be politically incorrect and socially discomforting, but it is undeniable.
The logical follow-on question then should be: what does this Islamic jihad mean to us? First and foremost it does not mean that we are necessarily at war with worldwide Islam.

But it does mean that, whether we admit it or not, Sharia-allegiant Muslims throughout the world are at war with all non-Islamic civilisations, specifically including America and Israel, based on mandates in the Muslims’ sacred scripture, the Koran, and in Islamic law, the Sharia.

Sharia is the legal gloss on Islamic scripture that turns a theology into a legal-political-military doctrine and system, which demands of its adherents political action and jihad, not merely prayer and ritual, which is the usual explanation falsely given by senior Muslims and ordinary ones.

Koran Sura 9:5 - “And when the sacred months [four periods during the year when tribal warfare was forbidden by mutual tribal agreement on the Arabian peninsula in Muhammad’s time] are passed, kill those who join other gods with Allah wherever ye shall find them; and seize them, besiege them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush: but if they shall convert, and observe prayer, and pay the obligatory alms, then let them go their way, for God is Gracious, Merciful.” [Kill those who do not receive Islam as their faith, but spare those who convert to Islam.]

Koran Sura 5:51 - “O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he among you that turns to them for friendship is of them.

This is because Allah does not guide an unjust people.” [Such “ecumenical” friendship makes any Muslim an enemy of their co-religionists and deserving of the same fate as the Jew or Christian.

Allah explicitly states that Jews and Christians are enemies of Muslims and any Muslim who befriends them is deserving of the punishment of such Jewish and Christian infidels, which may be death.]

"I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform the prayer, and pay zakat [zakat are alms for poor Muslims that are considered to be a religious duty, and the payment is expected to be made by all practicing Muslims who have the financial means; furthermore, zakat is charity to only be dispensed to fellow Muslims, and funding jihad is also considered to be a proper use of zakat].

If they say it, they have saved their blood and possessions from me, except for the rights of Islam over them. And their final reckoning is with Allah''
As these core Islamic theological pronouncements make clear, the central organising principle of Islam is to impose the religion on all non-Muslims through the imposition of the Islamic Sharia law by violence and/or non-violent political action (AKA: “stealth jihad”).

Sharia encourages, but does not compel, non-Muslims to

(1) convert, while their other Koran dictated choices are

(2) to not convert but to submit to Islamic rule by accepting second-class citizen status [dhimmitude] and paying protection blood money to spare the dhimmi’s life, which is called a yearly “poll tax” [jizya], or

(3) to fight to the death – convert, surrender, or die.

To summarise, according to Islamic thinking, the ultimate goal of Islam is to establish Islamic Sharia legal authority throughout the world, since Islam is not just a religion, it is a theocratic dictatorship government as well.

Consequently, in addition to being superior to and superseding all other religions, it also supersedes any form of secular government or belief system (democracy, monarchy, socialism, communism, etc.) because no other type of national governing authority is permissible or acceptable to Islam as man-made constitutions and laws contradict the Allah-given Sharia, and hence are heretical blasphemy.

Again, recognition of these facts about Islam by non-Muslims may be politically incorrect and socially discomforting, but these truths are undeniable based upon Muslim writings the religion considers sacred.

Muslim Beliefs

The next logical question should be: Do all Muslims really believe all of the above? To answer that question, it is necessary to classify Muslims into three different categories.
First are the secular Muslims, or “cafeteria Muslims,” that accept the cultural trappings of Islam, but do not personally heed the call to jihad.

Many media commentators and Muslim apologists assert that the majority of the world’s Muslims belong to this category, and therefore, Islam does not constitute a serious threat to the US or other Western Civilisation. Second are two different variations of traditional Muslims.

1. Muslims who study, understand, and practice Islam, but have a personal problem with jihad in its violent form; and therefore, prefer to define their jihad as a personal spiritual battle to become a “better Muslim.” But, by definition, must not a better Muslim be a committed individual who supports the ultimate goal of Islam – that is, spreading Sharia through jihad? If not, then these Muslims must be in fact secular or cafeteria Muslims who reject the call to violent jihad.

2. Muslims who fully recognise and agree that jihad means fighting non-Muslims to subjugate them, but do not take part themselves because they are physically unable to due to circumstances beyond their control, or they fear that participation would cause them to lose wealth, position, or family.

In other words, they believe in jihad, but cannot or will not personally participate in the violence involved in jihad. However, these Muslims often constitute the clandestine financial support base for stealth jihad because the both the Koran and various hadiths (collections of sayings of Muhammad or reports about things he did) provide for Allah’s reward (Islamic Paradise) to be bestowed on those who are physically disabled, but jihadist in spirit, as well as for those who commit their wealth to fund jihad.
Fundamentalist Muslims (i.e., Sunni Muslim Brothers ((al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen)), Salafists, and Wahhabists and Shia Khomeinists) who literally believe the Koran and Sharia passages quoted above (and much, much more) and are completely committed to carrying out violent jihad.

These Muslims are Sharia-allegiant jihadists. While the number of Sharia-allegiant jihadists is considerably less than the total Muslim population worldwide, given more than one billion Muslims around the world, even as small as 10% dedicated to imposing Sharia on non-Muslims would put the number of active jihadists at about one hundred million, which is unquestionably a substantial threat to Western civilisation by any rational analysis (by comparison, there were about eighty million total Germans of whom only five to six million were Nazis at the beginning of World War II).

It is the third group of fundamentalist Muslims that are prone to violent jihad and that we must actively contend with to counter their war on us, but the problem is how do we differentiate the first two secular and traditional groups from the fundamentalist third?
Now to return to the assumption that Islam does not constitute a serious threat because the majority of the world’s Muslims are secular, and hence, non-violent.

The important point that must never be discounted is that the core jihad concept of spreading Islamic Sharia is naturally preached in the mosques around the world; therefore, every Muslim – secular, traditional, and fundamentalist – hears about jihad throughout their life and religious practice.

The obvious problem for Western law enforcement and counter-intelligence is that Muslims may be non-violent secular and/or traditional Muslims one day, but be converted to violent fundamentalist Muslim jihadists the next. In matters of religious faith, the predictability of the individual intensity of religious devotion, fervour, and activism at any given time is an unknown.

Discerning the “violent fundamentalist Islamic jihadist versus the non-violent secular/traditional Muslim” is a problem that hinges on being able to detect personal religious motivation and emotional commitment to belief and allegiance. Consequently, the threat posed by secular and traditional Muslims can never be completely dismissed.

Especially in regard to carrying out stealth jihad activities like fundraising, secretly aiding and abetting jihadist recruiting, training, and equipping, and sabotaging the legal/political systems from within by infiltrating the law enforcement, military, and government policy-influencing positions.

During the long Cold War it was proven time and again that “double agents” could successfully conceal their beliefs and allegiances from detection. The same is obviously true for “stealth jihadists.”

A Rational National Security Posture

So, how should we handle this delicate situation involving societies’ basic freedoms of religion and speech? Obviously, the very first thing we need to do is to recognise and discard the stultifying, self-censoring, politically-correct-speech-code-limitations in conducting a national dialogue about the nature and danger of Sharia-allegiant Islamic jihad. The self-censoring, political correctness limitation that classifies as “Islamophobic hate speech” the verbatim quoting of Islamic theo-political jihadist supremacy doctrine and the Koran and Sharia is illogical, foolish, and self-defeating in the extreme.
The situation requires open minds and open debate.

The leaders of the west in general, and nationally elected representatives of the people, must take the lead in such a mind-opening national security dialogue. Any honest, empirical examination of the Koran and Sharia cannot but lead to the conclusion that the organising principle of Islam is a perpetual jihadist war of domination against all non-Muslim political and religious beliefs.

When the west was faced with a similar ideological, existential threat from communists, Trotskyites, and fascists we were ruthless in our quest to destroy them. And we succeeded.

To finish I will just say that Islam is an existential threat to everything democratic, it is basically a totalitarian, fascist, political and theological ideology that will not and cannot reach any accommodation with anything else.

The only people who are actively opposing this are the Nationalists and if you agree with what I have written and analysed here then join the British National Party.


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