The EU - Exactly Who Is For And Against?

Thu, 31/01/2013 - 07:00
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By Nathaniel Greene-We know very well who is for the EU in Britain today.

The entire political establishment (we can be certain the few rebel MPs are acting with approval as a sop to the public), the entire broadcast media and entertainment industry (there is no longer a dividing line), all religious groups and almost all pressure groups and officially recognized non government organizations (NGOs).

In other words, almost the entire ruling elite and their various hangers on, amounting to perhaps 3 million people.
There are other less obvious supporters like Richard Branson.

Though when you look at his profile it would be surprising if he didn't support the EU, since his business creed is centred around ripping off his countrymen with high train travel prices etc.

Branson is the epitome of Global Greed Inc. within the British establishment along with all the banks and most investment companies.

On the other side of the coin those against the EU include two political parties both currently not represented in Westminster.

The British National Party is the most well known and longest established political party which is well respected and favoured by the people. Plus newcomer, political stooge Ukip.

There are a number of prominent business men who are openly against the EU including Lord Leach Conservative peer and chairman of Open Europe, Lord Wolfson boss of Next, Jon Moulton founder of Alchemy Partners and of Better Capital, Luke Johnston former chairman of Channel 4, Lord Vinson Conservative peer and trustee of Civitas, Daniel Hodson ex chief executive of LIFFE and Professor of Commerce at Gresham College.

On top of this there are thousands of small business men and women plus just about everyone tied up in EU red tape and constrained or confined by senseless EU regulations.

This totals at least 25 million and rising, since every day sees a new utterly useless directive imposed upon us from the EU Nazi government of unelected bureaucrats.
While it often appears hopeless, our struggle to leave the European slave ship, once you take a calm look around it suddenly becomes clear that the people who are in trouble are the political elite and their media allies.
The pro EU group at best stays constant though common sense suggests it is shrinking by the day.

Whereas the anti EU groups are steadily growing day by day as it becomes clear that only liars and self seeking confidence tricksters support it.

Once everyone realises that the EU Emperor has no clothes the edifice will crumble and vanish in a few days.

For those who remember the fall of the Iron Curtain, one day seemingly impregnable and the next no more, the collapse of the Europhiles in Britain will be the same.

It is clear to anyone who has a functioning brain that all sensible people want less EU, not more.
It is those gullible or selfishly greedy people who are infatuated with the EU's ridiculous regulations who are destroying British jobs.

Only by leaving the EU can Britain look forward to a prosperous future of successful industry and secure employment.

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