EU, another law to weaken us

Wed, 01/05/2013 - 20:00
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By Northernscot- European Union Commission, drunk with power, as Britain pays £millions per day for membership of the EU
Ivory Towers HQ

The ideological home of the far-left plan

The European Commission a mighty body welding its sword of far-left ideology has informed Britain that it is going to propose a new law that will help immigrants flooding Britain and other industrial European Nations, access more information on benefit claiming and their rights to do so.

It will also make it easy to sue their new host country if for instance they are denied money or advise wrongly resulting in a loss of juicy benefits just waiting for them.

The British Government have quite rightly said that it vows to “resist forcefully” an extra burden on the taxpayer, meaning you. Already Mr Cameron along with the other two stooge political parties in London have upped their anti on immigrants claiming welfare.

However, all will be lost as EU rules are designed to protect the poor old immigrant coming to Britain and needing housing, health care, schools, social services and dosh.

At present there is very little we can do, other than Cameron, Merkle and the rest sitting down and re-negotiating a new treaty on benefits available to immigrants.

It would appear that the European Commission is drunk with power, protecting those who head to Britain, Germany and France looking to jump aboard the claim train as soon as they get to the Promised Land.

Don’t get us wrong, not all immigrants claim benefits. Yet we see for instance Poland where an estimated £20 million per year in child benefit is sent to by Poles claiming in this country.

Local Authorities issue housing benefits to non-British as well as Housing Associations who house incomers.
These out of control commission people have lost touch with reality.

Maybe it’s their nice juicy salaries paid by you or the lovely pension scheme that will take care of them when they retire, who knows?

We have to ask, why do we bother to elect MEP’s, as the EU Commission seems to be running the show. We read that the lovies at the EU Commission have already threatened to stop Britain denying benefits to those who desire to come here.

The Home Secretary Theresa May has warned that EU immigrants are putting “considerable strain” on welfare, schools, and the Health Service.

EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Laszlo Andor, (don’t you love it) insisted that studies showed work was the main incentive for immigration.

He said no one had yet provided evidence to support the “perception in several member states that there is a significant problem of immigrants coming not to work but to claim benefits”

What do they say about people in ivory towers?

One person told our Scottish website editor, that in his workplace the Hungarians, Romanians and Bulgarians were telling him what to claim for and how.

He couldn’t believe it. He has worked for twenty years as a chief in one of Scotland cities and has never seen anything like it. He is not a BNP member and not that political.

Another told us of immigrants obtaining housing in front of Scots and Brits on their local housing scheme.
Mr Andor, from his Ivory Tower would like to see the set-up of “national contact points” to offer help and information to immigrants to Britain etc.

States would have to ensure that immigrants had access to “appropriate administrative and/or judicial procedures.”

The UK has called for much tougher action against those who abuse the system, arguing that rules allow recent arrivals who have never been employed or paid taxes to claim the same social security benefits as member state’s own citizens were an affront to common sense and should be reviewed urgently.”

A Home Office spokesman said of the latest proposals “We will forcefully resist any attempt from Europe to load additional burdens on countries like Britain.”

The truth is that our government can do little when decisions are made in Europe. We simply have to accept any rules that come from the Ivory Towers of far-left ideology, and watch the take up of child benefit, housing benefit etc.

It is no-wonder that the government is cutting welfare to real sick and disabled British people.

We have to meet the welfare bill to those who come to Britain, and they must be paid or else!

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