An Energy Policy That Makes Sense.

Tue, 02/04/2013 - 06:00
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By Willikin of the Weald.
It is now clear to see that this government's energy policy is not so much a shambles but more a fiasco. It is based upon the previous Labour administration's calculations which were modelled around the false global warming agenda.

The gods that rule us see it as their divine duty to fight climate change. And as is always the case, when the gods decide to do something, it is us, the people, that have to pay for it.

As we have learnt, those without are paying those with all the money, to provide energy which we can no longer afford.

And not only that, we also pay these wealthy energy providers who are not able to supply energy a bonus for not supplying it.

The criminals that govern us pay these rich energy suppliers even when they fail to supply because there is no wind to turn their windmills.

The whole renewable energy debacle is a scam.

Energy sources which could continue to function efficiently like coal fired or nuclear/atomic power stations are being closed.

There are still gas fired power stations that were built on the 1960's dream of eternal cheap natural gas from the North Sea.
Fifty years on North Sea gas is dwindling and we have to import gas from Norway, Russia and the Middle East.

Qatari liquid gas is today being unloaded. Do we want to rely on these suppliers? The Qataris run a punitive dictatorship in an unstable quarter of the world where terrorism and war is the norm.

Russia is continually under pressure from the EU and the UN and might any day cut off our supplies in retaliation (probably fulfilling a secret long term plan nursed by Cameron), and Norway's supplies, derived like ours from the North Sea, are running low.

It could well be that in ten year's time there will no longer be a supplier that is able to supply us with natural gas.

We will then face power cuts when there is no wind and permanent power shortages if we are to keep industry running.
Replacement nuclear power station building has stalled in acrimonious government wrangling with EDF, the only energy supplier willing to consider building new nuclear power stations.

The contractors on site at Hinckley Point are in suspended animation unable to work until our infantile government can come to terms with the murderous French owned power magnate.

Meanwhile, we the taxpayer, are still paying.
George Osborne has fallen in love with gas fracking and it is becoming clear that if supplies of natural gas from places like Qatar and Russia fail, he would use that excuse to start full scale gas fracking across the UK. Global Greed waits in the sidelines for Osborne's signal to rape Great Britain.

We thought Gordon Brown and Labour were bad but we are just about to discover Osborne, Cameron and Clegg are even worse!

But wait! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Britain has vast reserves of coal which we should now exploit. As a nation in dire energy crisis we should be building coking-coal generating plants. Coking coal provides energy from burning coal to provide coke.

And gas is the by product. We should create, as we used to, gas from coking coal which would be safer, cleaner and cheaper than gas fracking.

What's more it would provide employment for hundreds of thousands of miners and power station workers. The coke could be used as a cheap clean domestic heating fuel OR it could be used to restart British heavy industry where it could be used in steel smelters and rolling mills.

There is, of course, the green lobby, which has fully infiltrated government.

As a Nationalist Government representative, I, Willikin of the Weald, would be more than happy to do a deal with them that they live entirely off the energy of their silly (unsubsidised by a Nationalist government) renewable energy farms, while we get on restarting British industry and supplying cheap coke-gas based affordable energy to our people.

And one day not that much further ahead, even cheaper thorium derived energy from a technology which our government will develop to replace coking coal.

Our future is a bright one with the British National Party. We will end the renewable energy fraud. We will provide cheap power from our own coal resources and develop thorium power stations which will provide our country with safe cheap energy for centuries.

Keep campaigning for a British National Party government. It is our nation's only hope.

The gods that rule us today will seem like a bad nightmare in the light of a free and just Nationalist future.

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