End religious slaughter of British animals

Sat, 12/01/2013 - 06:00
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By Northernscot-The religious slaughter of animals must stop, or are we a nation with double standards?

For some reason as a nation of animal lovers we continue to allow animals to suffer dreadfully at the hands of those who slaughter them for meat by slicing open their vein/throat whilst a religious ritual prayer is quoted, the poor creature wriggles in total pain.

Blood pours over the struggling beast whilst it is in its death throes, if the poor creature(s) are hung upside down.

In some cases a group of the animals are hung upside down, they must know what’s coming and the dreadful scene which evolves.

We are continuingly told that our Great Britain is a nation that cares for animal welfare, and basically that is true.

There are untold numbers of animal charities and sanctuaries dotted over our nation. Yet why do we as a nation turn our backs on ritual slaughter just because two certain religions say that’s how they must have their meat slaughtered?

Would we as a country of Christian or non-believers of any religion move off to Pakistan or Israel and start to say this is how we must have things?

Of course not and neither should we allow it in our homeland.
Kick a cat in the head, starve your cattle or leave a horse lame, then you will be punished quite rightly by the law of the land.

But cause an animal utmost distress and horrific slaughter based on two certain religions then that’s acceptable. Some might call it appeasement.

So isn’t it about time that animal welfare groups came to the front to campaign and stop such poor animal slaughter?
This is not a new campaign to stop religious ritual slaughter, I came across an article from the 1950`s which read as follows;
A member of the National Equine and Smaller Animals Defence League and a member of the Justice to Animals and Humane Slaughter Association recently witnessed a slaughter of cattle by religious method.

They issued a sworn statement which contained the following
“It is a terrible method of killing animals and we confirm that the time taken from making the cut until unconsciousness takes place varies between 10 to 14 seconds.

One animal struggled and bellowed from the time it entered the pen until it was cut. The memory of this unjustified cruelty will ever be with us as it was too terrible to be able to forget.

We had to stand and watch it be inflicted without being able to help a single animal because ritual slaughter is still legal in this country.”
When will our MP’s and MP’s stand up against such cruelty and ban ritual animal slaughter?

Even since the 1950`s and before there have been growing calls for it to stop. The British public are against such animal suffering, yet a majority of our politician’s run and hide.

They are scared of upsetting certain minorities, and that is a no no now days isn’t it.
We call upon British companies and businesses as well as the public to not buy Halal or other religious slaughtered meat.

Don’t be a part of animal cruelty. And to you the British public, find out if your meat supplier or food chain uses such, and either don’t buy or register your complaint. If our politicians won’t do something about it, the people of this country must.

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