Elections 2013 – Everything to play for!

Wed, 01/05/2013 - 12:00
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We told you that the British National Party was fighting the County Council elections to win.

Up and down the country in over one hundred seats BNP activists are out campaigning – winning over voters on the doorstep.

It is a magnificent campaign made possible by the passion and dedication of our activists and the generosity of our supporters.

We’ve produced a great range of publications to persuade voters that the BNP is the best party to vote for, and the only real alternative to the rotten political Establishment that we are all so fed up with.

We’ve been able to do that because of your support – so thank you.

We couldn’t fight these campaigns without you. Now we are in the final furlong of the race.

Thursday is Polling Day and everything is still to play for. We cannot take it easy now – we need to campaign right up to when polls close.

Whether you can give time or money (or both) we need your help in these final days of the campaign.

Donate online here now or over the phone by calling 0844 809 4581 today.

You can also help by contacting your local team to help with leafleting and canvassing.

The media has tried to write the BNP off but we are alive and kicking, and as active as ever – a stark contrast to the media-hyped UKIP who are rarely seen out on the streets.

They have very few activists and their worship of Margaret Thatcher is hitting them hard, particularly in the North of England.

We are hammering home the message that UKIP are the worst and most extreme type of Tory.

We are putting out the message that UKIP are not a genuine protest vote but an Establishment safety valve, and now is the time to move up a gear and really take them head on.

The fact is that only the British National Party can provide the solutions that the British people need at national and local level.

The other parties have long since abandoned the British people and serve instead vested financial interests.

Make no mistake – UKIP is the same.

The same Swiss banker who lent millions to the Tory Party, Henry Angest, also gave money to a think-tank who passed it on to UKIP.

Reportedly worth £45m, the 69-year-old is a vicious critic of any attempts to impose greater regulation on the City.

He is equally scathing about the UK's "punitive tax system", including the recent levy on bankers' bonuses.

UKIP Leader Farage admitted to the Telegraph that UKIP was trying to persuade key Tory funders to switch, arguing that Cameron had “betrayed banks and financiers”, the very richest in our society.

Farage himself comes from a City background and claims to be the only politician to be given the freedom of the City of London.

That’s his pitch when he talks to the Tory bankers and international financiers.

Farage may not be passionate about ordinary working folk but he is about the City of London: “my grandfather and father were both stockbrokers and I spent 20 years on the London Metal Exchange."

"Indeed both of my sons are now in the City, and I want to fight to defend it” as he told London Loves Business.

The truth is that UKIP isn’t financed by ordinary folk like you, it is funded by a handful of multi-millionaires like Angest.

In contrast the BNP is funded by people like you making small donations and legacies from supporters.

They say that “he who pays the piper calls the tune”. You are the ones calling the BNP tune, but not so with UKIP!

The BNP is proud to be funded by ordinary folk who want change in our country. We don’t answer to any paymaster but the British people!

We aren’t embarrassed to ask you to help our election campaigns by donating because we represent and work for you.

So donate whatever you can afford today online here or by calling 0844 809 4581.

I know that you are not a millionaire but you have a good heart and are proud to be British.

Give what you can, play your part and we will play ours!

Nick Griffin MEP
British National Party, Leader

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