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Tue, 29/01/2013 - 12:00
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For those who don´t have time right now to read all the details of Nick Griffin´s latest and earlier devastating exposes of the real agenda of the EDL leaders, this short photo essay sums it all up.

Spread the word, because we need British nationalist unity at street level, but we´ll never get it while naive patriots still give the time of day to the the sectarian, back-stabbing, Zionist/Fenian/militant homosexual clique led by Kevin Carroll and Stafford.

They are a menace to the Cause. See for yourself:

Interviews on Canadian Zionist SunTV programmes have been repeatedly used to plug Robinson, Weston and Carroll:


Headline of interview plug for Paul Weston by Jerry Gordon in the New English Review:

Jerry Gordon - extreme Zionist who finds time to promote EDL leaders :

The real agenda on show for all to see. Speaking at EDL rally in Luton, Zionist extremist Nachum Shifren, former bodyguard to Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League terror gang:

Then there was one! Carrol, Weston and Lennon speak at British Freedom meeting before the effective collapse of their scheme to turn British nationalism into a Zionist puppet. With Weston gone and Lennon serving time, Carroll now heads the remnants of both the BFP and EDL:

Pam Geller with Kev Carroll and Robert Spencer in New York. Geller was central to the Zionist effort to capture and tame the US Tea Party. Spencer´s JihadWatch is funded by David Horowitz, one of the main cheerleaders for the futile wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These people have been using the EDL to try to herd the British working class to support, finance and die in neo-con wars. First Iraq and Afghanistan, then Libya, now Mali, then Syria and Iran. War without end, because it makes huge profits for the military-industrial corporations and because the Israeli far-right wants our money and our sons to help establish a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. Madmen with a mad plan!

The thick of it. Kev Carroll and the terrorists´ rabbi:

Rebecca Bynum - another American Zionist who works for the New English Review and finds the time to promote controlled nationalism in Britain with her writings on the EDL/BFP websites:

Does anyone need any more proof? The EDL/BFP is the wholly owned subsidiary of a clique of sinister Zionist warmongers. Fortunately our repeated exposes have shattered their support base, but it´s vital to finish them off. So whatever desperate pleas Carroll and his last dupes make, no true patriot should ever again attend one of their activities. Don´t stand shoulder to shoulder with treason. Leave the EDL to die, and build the independent anti-Islamic, anti-Marxist street protest movement of the future. That´s the real nationalist unity that Britain needs.

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