Duncan-Smith blows a fuse on live TV Question Time programme

Sat, 24/11/2012 - 15:00
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If you did not catch BBC Question Time on Thursday, then you would have missed seeing Ian Duncan-Smith, the Angel of Poverty, lose his normal ice cool image.

Journalist Owen Jones brought up during the debate about the demonization in society of disabled people and the cull of very sick people into homelessness and abject poverty.

The journalist raised a very valid point when he said that ConDem government have turned decent working class people against each other concerning the cuts.

He was correct, the ones who caused the mess we are in, the investment bankers, are getting away from any blame.

The poorest in poorest society are carrying the brunt of the cuts and the richest getting a £40,000 tax break.

Towards the last few minutes of the programme Owen Jones raised again to Duncan-Smith the issue of disabled people and mentioned the case of a disabled man, who had died of a heart attack the day after he was told by Duncan-Smiths DWP that he was found fit for work.

The guy was blind, and paralysed down one side. Just one of countless tens of thousands of very ill and disabled people being told they are fit for work, when in reality they could never hold a job down.

At that moment, the Angel of Poverty Duncan-Smith, lost his usual slimy cool and became a pupil of Cameron’s school of charm, by becoming a rude arrogant Mr Nasty. He totally lost his cool and launched into Owen Jones.

Please go to

Start the debate at the 54th minute.

Firstly you will see Charles Kennedy trying to tell the public that he and the Lib Dems are not part of any plan to demonise any section of the public, when it comes to welfare caps.

What about the massive cuts to the poorest Mr Kennedy? Then towards the 56th minute watch Duncan-Smith explode on live TV.

It is ok for this miserable man, the Angel of Poverty, not to attend the Scottish Parliament to meet with MSP`s to discuss the massive cuts to the poorest in our society. I don’t mean “workshy!”

He has to face discussion with the public and journalists however, to answer to the claims that his reforms are destroying the most vulnerable in our society.

He is mentally and physically reducing them to abject poverty, whilst the bankers and the rich carry on as nothing has happened.

The fact that he totally lost his cool was due to the fact that the young journalist hit a very raw nerve.

One that shows the Angel of Poverty as Mr Nasty, and exposes the type of attitude that runs through the rich boy network in government towards those who cannot defend themselves.

It is no wonder that we find attacks on disabled people rising, when we have a government turning ordinary workers against each other, whilst the stinking rich laugh.

If the link does not work, just go to BBC I player and search Question Time.

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