Dumfries mosque demo

Wed, 22/05/2013 - 11:00
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Scottish BNP members join other Nationalist’s at Saturday’s Dumfries mosque demo

By Shetlandman-Saturday 18th May a few of us from Scottish BNP joined together with other Nationalist’s to peacefully demonstrate against a mosque enlargement in Dumfries.

The day was pretty awful weather wise, but that didn’t put off our enthusiasm to be seen and heard. Yes, we did get quite wet but so did the far-left rabble that turned up to protest against our peaceful demonstration.

Unfortunately, we were kept in one place by the police, thus we were not able to give out leaflets and Voice of Freedom’s to Dumfries public.

But don’t worry, that will be looked at. 

Police keep an eye on the unwashed

The far-left extremists don’t like the fact that not everyone wants the mosque in Dumfries to be expanded.

In February our website carried the story of how local ethnic Scots and British were getting utterly fed up with those who parked over their drives and the noise caused by Muslims attending the small mosque.

Goodness knows what it will be like if it is allowed to expand. Will the council support local residents or give the mosque what it wants? We wonder if the local ethnic Scottish and British population will be driven away.

The demonstration was organised by the Scottish Defence League and we thank them for allowing us to attend. At the end of the day, we have to work together with different Nationalist groups, that is the way forward.

We will be hopefully working with different interest groups this year.
Let’s face it, Scottish Marxists, Communists and other far-left extremists come together in demo’s, yet still keep their singular identity.

And let’s face it they don’t agree on all political and social issues. So we have learnt that we must also take the same action. However we will be looking at Scottish BNP activities throughout the Summer and Autumn as well. Therefore I ask all members in Scotland to come forward and do just a little bit more.

We need teams to put leaflets through letter boxes and our BNP newspaper, The Voice of Freedom. So if you live in Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Kelso for instance, contact me if you can help.

If your membership lapsed last year or a number of years ago, we say to you, come back home and help Britain and Scotland’s British National Party.

The far-left rabble think that they speak for the local population in Dumfries. Well, if you read the article reproduced below that we carried on this site in February, then you will see quite plainly that the Marxists and Communists along with fellow travellers don’t speak for the residents affected by the mosque expansion.

What you will see from the article below is that the far-left speak only for themselves, their far-left ideology and for the expansion of Islam in Scotland.

We would prefer our grandchildren to grow up in a Western democracy with good values and Christian ones. Not possibly a future Islamic Scotland. It’s your choice people of Scotland, who will you support?


We reproduce our February article on the Dumfries mosque expansion below

The Dumfries mosque

Mosque problem in Dumfries grows; local Scottish residents have had enough

Dumfries mosque

A local newspaper, The Dumfries and Galloway Standard reports that Annan Road residents are campaigning against local Muslims transforming a mosque store room into an overnight accommodation area.

The Dumfries Islamic Society wants to turn the room into a nice stay area for visiting leaders and speakers; however local residents are sick and tired of the Muslims coming and goings already and the problems they are causing.

The residents claim that the further change would only add to noise and parking problems.

A petition has been launched by the local residents claiming they have had enough.

We wish them well and encourage the local population of Dumfries to rally support for the residents. One pensioner said “People attending the mosque park across our own and neighbours driveways, the pavements, and they come and go all hours and keep us awake.

I have even watched one man drive into my driveway, turn his car, then head back out. We have complained to the mosque, the police and the council but we are told there is not much they can do.

We plan to formally object to the application and have started a petition against it.”
We encourage the local councillors to stand up, against the local Muslims plans, and support the views of the local population.

Murarak Al, chairman of the Islamic society in Dumfries told the local paper, “People are always complaining about the parking. They have asked why we can’t use the Aldi car park next door but it is a private car park so Aldi say don’t park there.

When we at first took over the building from the council they said they might be able to provide us with some land at the back for a small car park but then they said they didn’t have enough ground because of the primary school.”

The local council confirms receiving the application of change of room use.
We welcome the campaign by local residents in standing up for their rights.

Quite rightly residents should be alarmed at the possible change and the increase of possible parking related anti-social behaviour by some at the Muslim religious building.

Why on earth did they council allow the Muslims to turn the building into a mosque in the first place, if parking and noise was a possible problem.
So come on people of Dumfries, support the local residents of Annan street.

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