Do You Still Believe?

Sun, 12/05/2013 - 20:00
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By Willikin of the Weald.
We all ask questions about everything in life irrespective of success or failure. To ask a question is to be aware that there are two and sometimes more answers to your question.

Most people reading this are asking pertinent questions about Nationalism. Our enemies will read this and believe that they have extinguished any hope of freedom for the British people from the cultural Marxist-Islamist tyranny of the New World Order.

Do you want freedom? Cultural Marxists and Islamists who are in the ascendant today on the back of Westminster politicians dread that you might just say that you still believe in freedom as an option for our people.

They want you to accept the sham called multiculturalism that is passed off as society today.

They want you to suffer the humiliation of being treated like second class people in your own land.

They want you to live in fear. They want you to hate them, loathe them, to always be looking over your shoulder in case you will be victimised.

These aliens and our own people who have adopted alien ideas are nothing more than voyeurs who ghoulishly masturbate themselves at the sight of their victim's suffering.

When they think they have finished with us they will go in search of new victims to torment.
But they haven't finished with us because we haven't finished with them yet.

One day Islam will be thrown out of Britain and cultural Marxism will be nothing more than a footnote in history along side Hitler's fascism.

One day we will have a democratically accountable government made up of people whose primary motivation is to serve the people and not fractional reserve bankers and their global industries.

One day today's bankers and their evil ways will be another footnote beside Islam and cultural Marxism and Nazi fascism.
I still believe that British Nationalism is the only answer to Britain's woes and troubles because the British National Parties' ideas and beliefs are the only ones that put British people and freedom first and foremost.

I and a million voters and thousands upon thousands of party members still believe British National Party government is the only hope Britain has for a peaceful and prosperous future fit for our children and grand children.
But anyone can believe. Anyone can read these words and still believe.

What you also need, however, is faith. Faith that no matter what we will triumph over the evil that rules our land. Faith that we will succeed.

Faith that we will find a new way to achieve our worthwhile and worthy aims. Faith in our leadership. Faith in new ideas and methods to promote our holy cause.

Yes holy cause it is for any cause that fights for freedom from tyranny is just and righteous and holy, of God.
Have faith. Be strong in this time of evil.

Take the straight path of truth. Hold freedom and equality before the law as if they were your closest friends. Step cautiously and make decisions in your own time.

Pray to Christ if this is your way to seek comfort and inspiration. But above all have faith. Faith conquers all. Be faithful to our cause.

Hold strong in faith.

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