Distasteful attack on genuine disabled and sick, by the privileged and wealthy.

Sat, 18/08/2012 - 17:00
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By Northernscot-Firstly, it was with sadness that we heard on Sunday of the death of the champion of the disabled and sick, Lord Morris of Manchester at the age of 84. Here was a good man, who understood the difficulties that many of Britain’s disabled and long term genuine sick, suffered from.

He was responsible for the wonderful 1970`s Chronically sick and Disabled Persons Act that paved the way to change societies vision of the less abled.

Yet, it is with sadness and disbelief, that in his last few years, he was witness of the wholesale demonization by the Tory press and Cameron’s rich boy government of those genuine sick and disabled receiving welfare.

It is very easy for the press to splash across their front pages about lazy sods, benefit spongers on the sick.

Those headlines were deliberately worded to encourage you to join in the chant, thus making cuts to the most vulnerable easy for Cameron and Clegg.

Don’t get me wrong, we all know that there are people who live off the system, and those who CAN work full time should be helped back into the workforce. That’s good, if we can do that.

But what we are seeing under Cameron/Clegg, is the US based benefits system attitude. That system has no safety net and allows hundreds of thousands of Americans to live in drains, tent cities and vehicles.

Under the present changes, those on the old Incapacity Benefit are being brought before an ATOS medical person, who interviews and scores the individual’s ability to work full time.

This has had the effect of moving those who can work into a hopeful system that is supposed to work with them to find work. YER RIGHT!

The French company ATOS receives bonuses if it meets government targets of the number that estimate would come off the system.

In reality, what is happening is that those genuine folk who suffer from chronic illnesses and those disabled who have NO real ability for work, are also being found fit for full time work.

And they, the government, know that. Appeals are sky rocketing and over 40% of genuine sick and disabled win their appeal. This course of action alone has cost more than £40 million.

Already, in 2011, 31 chronically or disabled people committed suicide after being told get on your bike and get a job.

The new Cameron/Clegg system we are told will weed out the work shy etc.

In fact, it is wiping off the system the exact people who desperately need our societies help.

We hear of terrible accounts of medical interviews, decisions that leave the Citizens Advice Bureau and Disabled charities, shaking their heads in disbelief.

It is clear, that Cameron/Clegg’s new medical forms and medical interview are doing just what these two millionaires expected. That is to rewrite (destroy to others) the welfare system.

You will hear time and time again, government ministers prattling on about, we want to focus the money on those who genuinely need it.

It is becoming abundantly clear that very few British people will ever fit that criteria, and they know it. It’s a scam, a disgraceful cull of the most vulnerable in our society.

It is a national disgrace, pushed under a system that chirps on about unemployed spongers and fake sick, to make you and I, say well done it’s about time.

Heaven help anyone reading this, which might become genuinely sick or disabled to a level where work is not an option.

Maybe only then we will understand, when we are told by a faceless bureaucrat, ”you don’t qualify under the new rules”

Charity food parcels are available, first on your right!

As Scrooge suggested in the novel by Charles Dickens

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