Despite Ominous Warnings, Cameron tackles Worldwide Hunger instead of Population Control

Sun, 19/08/2012 - 05:00
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By Maid of Kent - Taking political advantage of the popularity of the London Olympics, the Prime Minister David Cameron has invited double Olympic Gold medal winner Mo Farah to join international politicians and sportsmen from Third World countries at a 'hunger summit' held in Downing Street.

The aim of the summit is to help prevent 25 million children under the age of 5 from suffering stunted growth caused by hunger by the time of the next Olympic Games which are to be held in Brazil in 2016.

Joining leaders and politicians from Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Kenya and Ireland were sportsmen like Somalia-born Farah and Ethiopian Haile Gebrselasse who claims that half of the children in Ethiopia are suffering from malnutrition.

While recession-hit Britain, already committed to spending £120 million to fund schemes to tackle Third World hunger, hosts a summit for what is essentially a Third World problem,  Cameron and other Western leaders are oblivious to ominous warnings of threats to the food security of their own nations and people.

These ominous warnings emanating from different parts of the planet are portents of what lies ahead for Western countries governed by mass-immigration loving politicians who have perversely boosted their populations to the unsustainable levels of Third World countries with the eventual disastrous results which currently affect the countries represented at the Hunger Summit.

Completely ignoring the fact that hunger in the Third World has been almost completely caused by the explosive population growth in the Third World and the inability of Third World countries to sustain such massive populations and by pretending that food shortages have other causes, Cameron and the leaders of Western nations are intent on imposing the same food shortages on their own citizens and by the same methods - namely population growth to unsustainable levels achieved through their policies of mass immigration.

One wonders if there will be any mention at this 'Hunger Summit' of the population growth of the countries taking part? Using population figures from 1960 and comparing them to the population numbers of 2011 ( a short span of 50 years) we find that Bangladesh has 'grown' from a population of 50 million in 1960 to 150 million in 2011 (a growth of three times the population in 60 years), Brazil has grown from a population of 72 million in 1960 to 196 million in 2011 (close to a three times growth), India has grown from a population of 448 million in 1960 to 1.24 billion (again close to three times growth). Kenya has grown from a population of 8 million to a staggering 41 million (an unbelievable 500%+ increase in population) and arid Ethiopia has grown from a population of 22 million in 1960 to 84 million in 2011 (close to a four times increase).

Even war-ravaged Somalia has managed to increase its population from under 3 million to over 9 million in that same period - another 300% increase.

Even worse is the fact that the astonishing population figures for these Third World countries do not take into account the many millions who have fled the conditions resulting from over-population by becoming immigrants to the First World.

To put these astounding figures into perspective, if Britain had experienced population growth comparable to these Third World countries - without including the millions added through mass immigration - our country would currently have a population of between 150 to 250 million.  As it is, with an 'official' population that has increased from 52 million to 62 million in those same 60 years (courtesy of mass immigration), our country is already struggling to provide jobs, housing and basic services and our infrastructure is over-burdened to breaking point. One can only imagine the catastrophic results if the population of Britain had grown by the same proportions as the Third World countries represented at the Hunger Summit.

While woolly-minded liberals believe that the people of First World countries are morally obligated to endlessly feed the results of explosive Third World reproductive rates they display a hypocritical and frankly racist mind-set when they have actively supported 'family planning' through mass contraceptive and abortion on demand programs for the mainly white populations of western societies while regarding the same programs as akin to racist genocide when proposed for the darker skinned populations of the Third World.

There is something chilling about their support for programs which have destroyed the potential lives of millions of Europeans for no logical reason, as their 'liberal' policies have replaced these unborn Europeans with millions of non-European immigrants - yet they recoil in indignant horror at the suggestion that millions of non-European births should be prevented purely for the humanitarian reason that it would save those children from starvation.

It is morally repugnant to feed children who are starving because of unsustainable population numbers knowing that those children will shortly be producing even more starving children - and even more so to tax women in western societies leaving them unable to afford to have their own children just so that their taxes can pay to feed the offspring of irresponsible people in the Third World.

While some people in western societies have been brainwashed into the misguided belief that women in the Third World are paragons of motherhood, many are beginning to question the attitudes of women who have several hungry children already but continue to produce more.

Especially when, due to mass immigration, our exposure to some of these 'paragons' and their mothering skills reveal that they are not worthy of this belief.

While the liberals reproach us for our lack of compassion to starving children in other countries they must realise that people conditioned to accept the casual abortion of inconvenient children in their own societies become brutalised - the woman in the west who has been encouraged to believe that the termination of her own child's life is inconsequential will hardly feel compassion for any other woman's child.

Meanwhile, what were the ominous warnings mentioned earlier in this article?

Last week it was reported that Russia may, for the second time in two years, ban grain exports to the rest of the world - therefore creating shortages and price rises in the countries (like Britain) who import large quantities of grain. This export ban by Russian leaders follows a severe drought which has crippled that countries grain production. This news follows similar reports from America which is suffering the worst drought in more than 50 years with the resultant drop in crop production.

Other relevant news is that the latest 'hot ticket' for wealthy investors is to buy arable land in Africa due to forecasts of global food shortages - arable land is now a far better investment than gold.

As the population of the world increases explosively there are unprecedented demands on water supplies on the planet which ultimately leads to drought situations and diminished food production. Food exporting countries, like Russia and America, will halt exports in order to feed their own populations and net importers (like Britain) will suffer price rises and eventual food shortages.

Britain, which imports roughly half of its food needs and, which due to mass immigration, has a population which our land mass cannot feed will, quite shortly, suffer severe food shortages.

While David Cameron and the politicians from the Lib/Lab/Con wring their hands in anguish over the plight of the overpopulated Third World, their policies have stored up the same dismal future for us.


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