David Cameron's Death Knell.

Wed, 06/02/2013 - 13:00
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By John Ball-Having ripped up another part of the moral fabric of British society in an unprecedented display of amoral arrogance, the Prime Minister has shown what an irresponsible, unreliable and incompetent man he is.

While David Cameron is clearly a very clever and devious operator, it has also become clear than he has neither common sense nor any conception of responsibility, either to the British people, or to Christianity, or to the traditions of western society as a whole.
Just like the homosexual and lesbian elements of our society, Cameron has displayed breathtaking arrogance and a lack of consideration for traditional morals and values in forcing on us, what is euphemistically referred to as, gay marriage.

This abomination is neither gay, nor marriage. It is first and foremost part of the far wider Marxist Frankfurt School attack on Western values, Christianity and the traditional family.

By making marriage available to homosexuals, it desanctifies it and removes the special status of marriage between a man and woman as the norm within society.

Since heterosexual marriage provides - as is shown by educational and crime statistics, as well as understood by all with commonsense - the best possible start in life for children, Cameron’s attack on it is also a vicious assault on the well-being of future generations of children.

Marriage throughout the whole of history has always been between a man and a woman for the sake of procreation.

All evidence from whatever source indicates that children are safer within conventional marriage, more successful in their lives while growing up with this support, and more emotionally mature in adulthood as a result of being nurtured in a heterosexual environment.

Gay marriage is a sexual pervert’s charter where the big losers in all this will be children. In addition to undermining the traditional family, Cameron’s attack on tradition will have an even more sinister side effect: people who have no natural right to bring up children will be permitted to legally pervert natural law in the name of legal marriage, and bring innocent children up with their parents' perverse view of life.

Through the act of legalizing gay marriage, the door is opened to adoption by homosexual couples. Children stolen by the state will be given into the hands of men from a group in which - while not all have paedophile tendencies - has a far higher incidence of paedophilia than the heterosexual average.

Hence more paedophiles will get the opportunity to corrupt and warp British children in their own likeness. And the law will be on the side of these monsters, by this redefinition of marriage, thanks to David Cameron.

Perhaps the only upside of this social disaster will be that Conservative voters will finally realise what a thoroughly rotten bunch of paedophiles the British cabinet is.

Hopefully, as a result of this folly, MPs will resign and force by elections, where Cameron and his despicable henchmen will learn their corruption is not supported by a majority of the electorate, but only by a majority of the Liberal ruling elite of three or four million paedophiles, who are not representative of the public in any way, shape or form.

David Cameron will rue the day he turned his back on the countries' traditions which are there to protect and nurture vulnerable children.

This dreadful abomination just for the sake of his perverted friends.

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