Dark Albion Book Review

Fri, 05/07/2013 - 13:00
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Dark Albion,  By Nick Griffin - Throughout this year regular visitors to our website have been enjoying the outstanding articles of ‘Man of Kent’.

Most of them were adapted by the author from his book, Dark Albion, which he has now published as a new, revised edition, along with other essays, all of the same high quality.

In 33 witty essays full of insight, humour, satire and literary allusions, David Abbott, the Man of Kent, a working-class pensioner whose lifetime coincides exactly with the arrival of vast hordes of settlers, convincingly depicts mass immigration as a catastrophe.

Beginning with a graphic description of the Coming of the English in the fifth century, with the landing of Hengist and Horsa on the Kent coast at Thanet, he concludes with a stunning portrait of England in 2066, the year the Muslims make their bid for power, during the reign of the king known as William the Conquered.

In between are entertaining, well-written essays describing the current situation. The arrival of the Empire Windrush in the Thames in 1948, fetching the first Caribbean immigrants, is seen as an event comparable to the landing of the Mayflower in America, as both landings ‘heralded a catastrophe for the indigenous people’.

A detailed essay on Black History Month superbly exposes the double standards of this annual nationwide segregationist jamboree, a ‘subsidised celebration of victimhood’ that ‘has expanded to include everyone in Britain except Whitey’.

Wistfully recalling his parents’ destroyed culture, the author demolishes all the arguments justifying multiculturalism and exposes the mindset of the politicians responsible.

He denounces their masochistic acceptance of the claim of each group of settlers to the status of eternal victims. He expresses his rage at the utter transformation of his country in his lifetime with no consideration given to the likes of him.

Dark Albion is a highly original, powerful work capturing the anger of millions, destined to join such underground classics as The Camp of the Saints and The Rage and the Pride.

Buy Dark Albion from Excalibur – sales@buyexcalibur.co.uk – for £11.95, including post and packing.


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