Dangerous Thoughts in Dangerous Times

Fri, 22/03/2013 - 06:00
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By John Salvage-If the average man and woman in the last one hundred years had thought for one minute that the establishment, under the pretext of ''democracy'', had any interest in protecting them, ensuring their well being, and delivering them from evil, then they were sorely wrong.

Nationalism is a complex ideology.

Many men and women who think of themselves as Nationalists, or even mildly patriotic, come from such diverse and disparate elements of society that, it is nigh on impossible to find a strong enough ''mass'', to establish a competent and long-term answer to our problems.

Modern social networking, trouble-making articles, emails, instant electronic picture and text messaging, can help sway normally good, thinking people, into a miserable dead end.

This then foments distrust, apathy, and loathing. Whilst this is happening, the powers that be, whether known or unknown, secret or otherwise, are conspiring to bring down all that we knew and loved from within our nation, and that of others of European origin.

There are literally hundreds of organisations, bloggers, and small political parties, many of whom know each other, knew one another, or are aware of each others existence, all doing the work of the enemy by being disunited.

A good place to start when seeing the ''wood for the trees’’ is in literature and philosophy. Learning about just how old our eternal problem is, can be, and should be, enough to halt the stupidity that has encircled our collective base camp.

Individualism is a trait that the British, especially the English, have always had.

It is a double edged sword. Here is an example of where to eke out at least part of something worth reading and understanding these complex issues:


Secret Societies Old And New: Herbert Vivian, 1927.

''Secret societies play upon the infirmities of human minds. Tons of printed matter, prepared with sufficient ability, fired with enough intensity, camouflaged with the necessary cunning, will demoralise an adversary's judgement, and render him vulnerable to the meanest of assaults.''

That book, although well over eighty years old, is still available here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1417979526/ref=rdr_ext_tmb

It is but a mere morsel of brain food for those of us hungry for answers as to the why's and wherefore's of things that are so bad for us people of European origin, and in particular of course, for us here in Britain. Secret societies are only a part of the problem.

Our own vulnerability, egos, and inability to maintain a philosophical and physical presence on the intellectual battle ground, are also a key factors in allowing various components of world power, to do as they will.

With that last statement in mind... ''do as they will,'' let us now look at what the elites have in mind for those who speak out of turn, or show a willingness to oppose destruction of nation and traditional values and freedoms.

A leaked document, allegedly spelling out the required punishment for having too much to think, if you are an American, has now come to light.

If the reader thinks this is all just too much, and too ''far fetched,'' then remember what Winston Churchill did in the 1920's, ordering the shooting of our own citizens during ''the great unrest'' of industrial disputes.

Barack Obama and his handlers have concocted an alleged clause in a document enabling the: ''killing of those US citizens who hold senior positions in al-Qaida and pose an "imminent threat of violent attack" against America.''

This type of thing is not new as we have discussed above, but it is on the cards.

The latest attack on freedom of association, and free speech and on normal life, including the attack on the ''right to bare arms,'' has all the hallmarks of a previously ''secret society,'' now wealthy, brazen, and insane enough, to actually kill its own people openly.

Who is to say that, soon, the authorities will use force on those whom own guns, and are of no threat?

We live in dangerous times ladies and gentlemen, and not purely if we are involved in front-line politics or have an opposing philosophy.

If any modern man, woman, or in fact, child, should dare to drink from the fountain of knowledge, and become intoxicated, filling their little heads on real news and ideas, instead of the main steam media (MSM) poison, then they will be charged without trial. Facing a squad of large, arrogant, state sponsored thugs, dressed in paramilitary uniform, armed with the latest weapons, and shouting: ''Halt... I'm with the thought Police.

Look's like you've had a little too much too think,'' has been experienced already by brave nationalists, including our own chairman, MEP Nick Griffin.

Others have also had this horrible experience, but these days, ordinary people, including women and children, will no longer be safe in their own homes.

Soon, there will have to be a consolidation of the various groups around Britain, Europe, America, and Australia etc, as the current mess is a road to nowhere. If America, encouraged and aided by Israel and the so-called ''Western Allies,'' can kill innocent little children, and men and women going to weddings in Pakistan, by use if drones, then they can do the same here in our once indigenous communities of European nations.

The treacherous, money grabbing and perverted political classes will not have the moral backbone to oppose the string pullers and horse whisperers, hiding behind what is left of the fast disappearing democratic process.

Many of our people are former members of the Armed Forces, Police, and emergency services, all of which have their own motto. Our motto should be Via Terminatio, or VIA DETERMINATION.

On its own, it amounts to nothing... collectively, it will mean victory.

Is there anything else worth fighting for?

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