The Crossroads: Nick Griffin examines the key lessons of the 2013 Council Elections

Sat, 04/05/2013 - 19:00
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The election results of 2013 show that nationalism in Britain is at the crossroads. As expected, the controlled media’s long campaign to popularise UKIP and demonise the BNP had an adverse impact on our vote everywhere we fought an old style campaign.

The first thing to be said is a huge ‘thank you’ to all our brave candidates, wherever they stood and whatever kind of campaign they ran.

It takes a special sort of grit to stand in an election where external circumstances over which we have no control make every vote gained a hard won little victory.

Yet, in the teeth of such a difficult headwind, we have made an advance which shows very clearly the way ahead.  In a result that has had the opposition reeling in shock and confusion, our experiment with a radically new form of election campaigning in Maryport, Cumbria, saw our share of the vote more than double to over 40%.

We not only beat the Tories, Greens and a previously strong Independent, we also thrashed Ukip. The only thing that stopped us beating Labour and winning the seat with an unusually high turnout of nearly 40% was blatant and systematic vote-stealing by the council, which disenfranchised several hundred BNP voters.

We will be investigating the anti-democratic tricks used to cheat so many voters and the BNP in greater detail shortly, as we will be taking urgent legal advice straight after the Bank Holiday.

In the meantime, the success of our experiment and the BNP surge in Maryport provide a vital lesson for all nationalists from this election.

Easily duplicated system

A small number of people put a great deal of effort into the experiment. On polling day itself we brought in an expanded team, but other than that the work was done by a team that can easily be duplicated elsewhere.

Next year’s District Council seats are not much more than a quarter of the size of this County seat, so the new system can be used by just two or three people, working steadily over the next year, to give a real chance of winning in any carefully chosen ward.

There are two key elements of the new system: Work in advance to boost the profile of the candidate as someone with the interests of the local community at heart, and a systematic drive to register new voters and to get our supporters to apply for postal votes.

It’s as simple as that. All the other things needed to make those two things happen – special editions of our Freedom newspaper, technical training and a brilliant range of publicity material together with a carefully worked out campaign schedule – also exist.

But only in the British National Party. Let’s be plain about this: A whole alphabet soup of would-be nationalist ‘rivals’ have tried to establish themselves over the last couple of years. Most of them didn’t even manage to stand candidates on Thursday.

BNP Dominance restored

The few that did were obliterated with humiliating results. It is crystal clear that the BNP is the only nationalist game in town. We have won the battle to renew our complete political dominance of the nationalist scene.

We will now go on to roll out the success of our Maryport Experiment elsewhere. That’s why nationalism is at a crucial crossroads.

People can keep on trying to do things the old way, in which case – whether they are in the BNP or with some tiny splinter group – they will go on losing.

Or they can get on board with the new system we’ve just designed and tested, and can now improve still further with the lessons we’ve learnt over the last ten highly productive weeks. In which case they will become part of our new winning team. The BNP’s New Model Army!

That leaves the question of Ukip, and the meaning of its remarkable, though media-driven, advance.

Contrary to the mythology being regurgitated by lazy journalists, Ukip’s advance has not involved huge numbers of previous non-voters. I’ve just done a trawl through Ukip’s winning votes in randomly chosen West Sussex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Northamptonshire.

Most of their seats were won in areas with perfectly average, or even slightly below average turnouts (all of which were down on the last seat of County Council elections four years ago). The large majority won in areas where more than 70% of registered electors didn’t bother to vote.

Farage Mirage

In other words, Ukip’s success is at the expense of all the other parties. Not just the Tories and us – as the BBC expected when they and the Labour Party’s high command first expected when they set about creating the Farage Mirage – but at the expense of Labour and the LibDems as well.

Ukip have just done more to break the voting habits of the entire actively voting electorate than every other change in the last three of four decades put together. They have destabilised the political system, all with an anti-immigration, anti-elite image which is even more artificial, baseless and dishonest than the spin of the old parties which has done so much to make ordinary people reject politics.

That said, UKIP’s ‘landslide’ is in fact only about one quarter of the one third who voted. It is based on about 8% of registered voters – no more than 7% of the total adult population of the largely affluent, higher than average English shires. The ones who have already given up on politicians are still out there, unmoved and untouched. Millions and millions of them.

More experiments to come

As our voter registration drive proved in Maryport, that is our gap. That’s the gap waiting to be filled by practical idealists who knuckle down to dedicated community work on working class estates. Developing our techniques for such work will now move to the top of our experimental agenda over this summer.
UKIP, meanwhile, have as already noted made a huge impact on the minority of the population who are still politically engaged. We are not going to turn our backs on them either.

With the Guardian today reporting that Farage has already signalled a planned post-election softening of UKIP’s ‘anti-immigration’ stance, and with now-worried Labour likely to embark on a propaganda drive to expose UKIP’s ultra-Thatcherite pro-corporate agenda, we will have plenty to get our teeth into as we set about knocking back UKIP’s support among our working class core support base.

So let’s think for a moment about those crossroads for nationalism again. The results – both the success of our experiment and the failure of the old road (particularly for those who thought they were being very clever leaving the BNP, but who have just been electorally obliterated) – show that, if you want to be involved in the long-term drive for community recognition and electoral success in the post-UKIP era (whenever that may come, what is certain is that it will), then the BNP is the only vehicle to use.

Join us – or do this!

If, for whatever reason, anyone who thinks of themselves as a nationalist isn’t prepared to join us and lend a shoulder to our wheel, then there is one other useful thing they can do:

That is to join UKIP or to put in effort in the social networks to find and `influence those who have. Over the next few months, UKIP will sign up thousands of new, mainly newly politicised, members. Most of them are not merely patriotic, they are also instinctively, though at present totally incoherently, nationalist and racially aware. They don’t really belong with Farage and his internationalist big business set at all.

It will not take many people within UKIP to set about the quiet, careful promotion of genuine nationalism in order to create an underground ideological tendency. Done systematically, this can bear big, juicy fruit for real nationalism in the future. UKIP is growing too fast to be stable and it contains too many fundamental contradictions to avoid explosive divisions in the future.

Those nationalists who are not willing to be with us in the BNP should take note of this massive medium-term opportunity and get to work to seize it. We’ll be doing our bit too, but the more who move in and spread nationalist groundbait in the expanding UKIP pond the better.

Because, one day in the not too far off future, the Powers That Be which have created the Farage Mirage are fated to discover, too late, that their creature has merely helped wreck their old order, woken people up, legitimised the core messages of genuine nationalism, and created a giant pond in which to nurture fish which will feed the true nationalist movement.

It won’t happen tomorrow. It won’t happen next year. But it will happen. And we will be ready.

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